The Precaution of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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The Precaution of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Before using this fiber laser cutting machine, please master the relevant operation methods of the machine and understand the operation of each part of the machine. Correct operation is an effective measure to ensure the normal operation and personal safety of the sheet metal laser cutter. When using a laser cutting machine, please follow the following precautions and inspections before use.

sheet metal laser cutter

Preparation and inspection of CNC fiber laser cutting machine before use

A) Check whether the oil level of the engine oil is within the normal range, otherwise add oil to the normal range.

B) Check the relevant water and air channels to ensure that the air and water flow do not leak, and the quality of the air and cooling water is normal and not contaminated.

c) Check the coaxiality of the laser and the gas nozzle to ensure that the laser beam is emitted from the center of the gas nozzle.

D) Check whether the nozzle meets the cutting process requirements, otherwise, replace it with a suitable cutting gas nozzle.

E) Check whether the auxiliary gas used for cutting is properly connected, otherwise it will enter the auxiliary gas used for cutting, and make sure that the gas pressure has been adjusted to an appropriate level.


Safety precautions and safety signs before and during use


Indicates "Caution", failure to follow correct operation may result in personal injury or equipment damage.



Indicates that there is a laser beam passing through, please do not pass through the beam. Otherwise, it will cause burns or even life-threatening.



Indicates that there is a danger of high-voltage power supply, please do not approach high-voltage. Otherwise, it will cause an electric shock or even life-threatening.


Precautions while using

A) No one should put their eyes in the laser direction (including red light) at any time.

B) When opening the shutters, it is forbidden to keep people and non-work items within the laser irradiation range.

C) The operator should wear protective glasses, and it is forbidden to leave the operator during the operation of the laser cutting machine.

D) If an abnormality occurs during the use of the machine, please immediately press the emergency stop switch or turn off the main power supply.

E) During use, always check the cooling water temperature and working air pressure.

F) Operate the equipment with an operating license, follow the safe operating procedures, and strictly prohibit operations by non-machine personnel.

G) The laser-equipped laser cutting machine is a Class 4 laser product. The laser is invisible light. The emitted beam, lens reflection, and diffused light may cause harm to the human body (especially the eyes). On-site personnel should pay attention to protection to prevent fire.

H) The exhaust gas generated during the laser cutting process will cause greater damage to the operator, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the machine's vacuum cleaner.

l) Keep the laser cutting equipment clean and tidy, refuel according to regulations to ensure reasonable lubrication; observe the shift system, properly manage tools and accessories, and will not be lost; stop the machine for inspection immediately after finding it

If the operator cannot handle the fault, the relevant engineer should be notified in time for a thorough overhaul.

J) In order to prevent electric shock damage, non-professional maintenance personnel is strictly prohibited to inspect and repair the electrical control part of the laser cutting machine.


Precautions when replacing the optical lens

lens of laser cutting machine


A) When removing the lens from the box to prevent scratches, be careful of the lens. Do not put any pressure on the lens before opening the packaging paper.

B) When taking out the protective lens and focusing lens from the packing box, please wear clean gloves and move them away from the side of the lens.

C) Take out the packing paper from the lens to avoid dust and other objects falling on the lens.

D) Remove the lens, use a gun to remove the dust on the lens, and then put the lens on the optical lens paper.

E) Remove the dust on the lens holder and support frame, and avoid foreign objects falling on the lens during assembly.

F) Install the lens in the lens holder, do not use excessive force, so as not to deform the lens.

G) After completing the lens assembly, please use a clean air gun to remove dust and foreign objects on the lens again.


Environmental precautions


A) Designate safety administrators to determine their scope of authority, and conduct safety operations and safety education for laser processing operators.

B) Specify the laser safety management area, set a warning card in the management area of the entrance, including the power of the laser processing machine, the laser type, prohibit outsiders from entering, pay attention to protect the eyes and the name of the safety administrator.

C) The operator of the laser processing machine must undergo special training, reach a certain level, and operate with the consent of the safety management personnel.


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