DW75CNC-5A-5S Automatic Metal Steel Pipe Bending Machine
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DW75CNC-5A-5S Automatic Metal Steel Pipe Bending Machine

DW75CNC-5A-5S automatic pipe bender is the series of section benders designed by BLMA for the bending of sections with high flexural strength modulus. The main elements of the automatic pipe bending machine are the rolls (3 or 4 rolls) that exert on the profile a combination of forces, which determine a deformation along a perpendicular direction as to the axis of the section itself. DW75CNC-5A-5S automatic tube bending machines are machines for the cold bending of sections with different shapes and sizes. They are used in the metalworking field to bend sections such as tubes, bars, angles, T-sections, U-sections, and beams.
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BLMA creates pipe and tube bending machines for any industrial metalworking need, with working width from 500 to 8000 mm, for plate thicknesses from 1 to 300 mm. The automated pipe bender permits the implementation of the tube ferrule, welded, and calibrated again after the junction. Among the advantages of BLMA automatic tube bending machines, it is worth mentioning the easy programming and management in production and the ferrule execution speed. Depending on the tube to be manufactured, our customer chooses the most suitable automatic tube bender for implementing that determinate machining process: ferrule bending or tube re-calibration.

The Advantages of Pipe and Tube Bending Machines

● Consistent tube bends with no deformities

Pipes and tubes can be fabricated into a very small radius without producing crinkles or distortions using a specific technique. This technique using a CNC tube bending machine for sale can save time and money while reducing any possible defects.

● Maintaining tube bending sturdiness

A major advantage of Sheet Metal Bending Machines is their ability to maintain the overall sturdiness and solidity of tubes and pipes despite the bends. This is important because these pipes and tubes are used in a vast number of applications from playground equipment and exhaust machines to traffic signposts.

● A large number of pipe bending designs

Pipe bending can be designed for a variety of requirements based on what a client may need. Pipe and Tube Bending Machines are capable of specialized metal bending that can cater to any requirements a client may have.

● Variety of applications

Specialized pipes are used in a vast number of applications that are required in industrial and domestic environments. A tube bending equipment for sale is extremely versatile and can be relied on for a wide range of usage.




Japan Mitsubishi

Touch screen

Taiwan Winview

Servo motor

Japan Yaskawa/Mitsubishi

Servo driver

Japan Yaskawa/Mitsubishi


Taiwan RV/Xingxing

Main electrics

France Schneider

Hydraulic motor

Taiwan Yuanbang


Taiwan Seven Ocean

Vane pump

Taiwan Kaida

Sealing element

Taiwan Dingji


Germany Atlanta

Linear guideway

Taiwan Hiwin


Mitsubishi Servo Motor
It is with 5 axis, which has 5 servo motors. The Bending, feeding, rotary and moving are drived by servo motor. It is with high efficiency, accurate bending angle and feeding.


Mitsubishi Servo Driver
Bending pipes with servo motor power, high precise bending angle and compensation value.


Schneider, France brand


7 Ocean, Taiwan brand 


Air cooler
Ensure the stability of the machine for a long time


PLC Controller
A pipe per bending all individually preparing five action sequence and 10 sections of speed, allows the operator to match the use, improve work efficiency, reduce the fitting interference

High quality automatic tube/pipe bending machine and automatic pipe/tube bender are provided by BLMA machinery - top 10 plate rolling machine manufacturers.


Main specification


Max bending capacity

φ75mm x 5mm

Max bending radius (1)


Min bending radius

According to pipe diameter

Max bending degree


Max feeding length (2)


Feeding method

Direct feeding/clamping feeding

Working speed

Bending speed

Max 40°/s

Rotary speed

Max 160°/s

Feeding speed

Max 800mm/s


Bending speed


Rotary speed


Feeding speed


Information inputting method

Working value (Y, B, C)

Bending method


Bending servo motor power


Rotary servo motor power


Feeding servo motor power


Left and right die moving servo motor power


Max storage unit (3)

1000 groups

Max oil pressure


Machine weight


Machine size

5200 x 1150 x 1360mm

Note: (1) (2) (3) Extendable