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A Plate Rolling Machine can be also called a “roll bending machine”, “plate bending machine” or “steel sheet rolling machine”. It is a machine that will roll different kinds of metal sheet into a round or conical shape. 

The bending process is a deformation operation that allows giving the sheet a certain curvature. This process takes place thanks to the steel plate rolling machine, which allows the passage of the metal sheets in two, three or four rolls machines. And according to the pinching, the correct positioning of the rolls and their rotation, which can take place manually from control desk or with numerical control, generate cylindrical pipes, conical or polycentric shapes of different thicknesses.

Specializing in the design, manufacturing, and sale of plate bending rolls, BLMA offers the widest range of Steel Plate Rolling Machines available on the international market, including CNC plate rolling machine, hydraulic plate rolling machine, and 4 roll plate bending machine.

As a professional sheet rolling machine manufacturer, BLMA steel plate rolling Machines are among the best-engineered plate rolling machines on the market today. BLMA’s 4 roller plate rollingmachine comes in many design options, built for the work you do. Our new 4 roll plate bending machine offers many advantages. It is the easiest steel plate rolling machine to use, thanks to the ability to pinch the plate between the two motorized central rolls, to make the pre-bending at the end, and the bending through the whole body in a single direction and in one pass. The plate is kept squared without slipping during the pre-bending and bending cycle, thanks to the constant pinching of the central roll. This makes our 4 roll plate roller perfectly suited to be controlled by NC or CNC numerical control.

BLMA is the most successful and respected sheet rolling machine manufacturer in China by consistently providing quality products and services at a most competitive cost with quality standards and achieve customer delight. It is run by professionals having a passion for the latest and best-designed products in the field. The promoters are qualified engineers having hands-on experience in mechanical design, hydraulic and electronic components application to give the most perfect and reliable solution to heavy industries in the field of plate/section bending needs. 

BLMA provides CNC Plate Rolling Machines, which are the perfect companion for sheet metal industries. These are available in different models with exclusive specifications developed to meet different industrial workshop requirements. These sheet metal rolling machines for sale are also designed to meet the concerned load of work materials. Machine structure is undoubtedly strong that withstands bending operations when higher work material load is fed. The components are made of heavy-duty fabricated steel, the fabrication supports for longer performance and durability without much need for maintenance and also to withstand strain at the time of overloads. 

Our Steel Plate Rolling Machine is known for its performance, economy, versatility, reliability, and simplicity all in one versatile construction. Wide thickness range and time-proven design make BLMA's hydraulic plate rolling machine an attractive product for customers.

W11 Manual Metal Steel Plate Rolling Machine 

●The structure style of this machine is 3 roller symmetrical. 
●They rotate by the meshing between the output gear of the gearbox and the bottom roller and supply the torque for bending plate. 
●It’s compact easy operate and maintain. 
●Extended shaft for profile bending.

 T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
 Jiangsu, China
 Green-black,can be customized
 30 days after deposit confirmed

W11S Up Roller Steel Plate Sheet Metal Rolling Machine


●The structure style of this machine is 3 roller symmetrical. 
●The top roller do the movement of elevation in the central position of the two bottom rolls. 
●It’s transmitted by screw nut and worm gear,two bottom rolls are main drive rolls. 
●They rotate by the meshing between the output gear of the gearbox and the bottom roller and supply the torque for bending plate. 
●It’s compact easy operate and maintain.

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 Jiangsu, China
 Blue,can be customized
 30 days after deposit confirmed

W12NC Pre Bending 4 Roller Hydraulic Plate Bending Cold Rolling Machine

●Special bending aircraft,numerical control. 
●HMI(human machine interface),intelligent operation. 
●Self-compensating,single operate,high efficiency,safe and convenient. 
●Many models for choice,economic numerical control model,TC computerized numerical control.

  •  W12NC
  •  T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
  •  Jiangsu, China
  •  Blue-white,can be customized
  •  Shanghai
  •  30 days after deposit confirmed

The main parts of Steel Plate Rolling Machine:

● Working rollers

cast steel ingot(chemical composition analysis): check performance-forging roughcast-forging annealing - UT flaw - roughing(chemical tests) - heat treatment(hardening and tempering) - UT flaw - semi-finishing - finishing - MT.

● Large forgings: 

cylinder body, gear, gear shaft forging roughcast - surface inspection -roughing - UT flaw - UT flaw detector hear treatment - finishing - semi-finishing - MT.

● Welding structure: 

racks, chassis, wheel box plate into the factory(chemical composition analysis, mechanical test) - pretreatment-for sheet metal cutting -welding - seam UT or RT flaw - annealing treatment - roughing -finishing - vibration destressing - hot blasting-finishing - 4 major parts of the manufacturing process.

The Advantages of CNC Rolling Machine:

● High Precision end Pre-bending

The straight edge length can be set freely, the upper roller press to pre-bend NC Control, high productivity. Parameters are controlled by NC, easy for operation, improve the productivity greatly.

● Good accuracy

The upper roller is like a drum, the lower rollers assorted with it through support rollers. Bend continuously can roll ideal products from thin to thick plates widely.

● Safety

The lower rollers are fixed, the upper roller moves vertically and horizontally. The job does not work with the working rollers. Complete structure, simple foundation, convenient movement. The machines have a unitary basement, do not need earth bolts, has a simple foundation.

●Energy Saving

Energy saving is ensured in machines by a hydraulic system that can work at less than full capacity when jobs less than maximum thickness are rolled.



Built-in cone bending without any extra attachment, and bending of oval, elliptic or rounded box shapes is possible.

●Comfort and Peace of Mind

Easy to understand hydraulic and electrical systems reduces downtime, and a tropicalized oil cooling system ensures non stop working in summers.

Harde gears for long durability



The Applications of Steel Plate Rolling Machine for Sale 

The steel plate rolling machine widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, cement, boiler, shipbuilding, aviation, water conservancy, power transmission towers, and other machinery and equipment. 


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