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BLMA developed press brake, shearing machine, fiber laser cutting machine, tube cutting machine (cold saw cutting),
tube end forming machine, tube hole punching machine, shredder, etc.
Press Brake

Press Brake

BLMA offers a wide range of precision press brake/bending machines for a wide range of bending applications: from precision to deep-box parts.


Shearing Machine

Shearing machines are multipurpose devices used in the cutting of alloys and other sheet metal. Some shearing machines use a scissor-like, angular shear action to cut metal into sheets or strips. 

Tube Bending Machine

Pipe and Tube Bending Machine

Pipe and Tube Bending Machines usually is classified into CNC tube bending machine, NC tube bending machine, automatic tube bending machine and semi-automatic pipe bending machine. These machines are capable of accelerating production and improving repeatability and reduce the number of errors in production at every scale.



Shredder Machines are crushing and recycling wastes machines which with functions of start, stop, reverse, overload reverse automatically, with feature return and overload returns automatically, with characteristics of big torque in low speed and low noise.

Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine

BLMA manufactures laser cutting machine's with bleeding edge resonators and advanced motion systems keeping productivity and quality .

Grooving Machine

Grooving Machine

Metal sheet grooving machine can V-groove stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet, composite aluminum sheet, copper sheet and other metal sheets...

Plate Rolling Machine

Plate Rolling Machine

Steel Plate Rolling Machine is a technologically advanced product capable of bending varyingly thin or thick plates offering maximum precision, high productivity, and long term reliability. Our plate rolling machine for sale delivers high performance, simplicity of design, easy installation, low-maintenance cost, greater durability, and high resale value.

Power Press

Power Press

BLMA is the leading power press manufacturer.The power press is for cutting, punching, blanking, bending and light stretching work.

Iron Worker

Iron Worker

A hydraulic ironworker machine is used for punching, shearing, notching, bending, and other metal fabrication.  It is made of very heavy steel to handle the enormous force that can be generated during use. 

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In our everyday living, you will find many products produced by BLMA’s machines. They may be there for your transportation (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, ships), comfort (home seating, office furniture), care (wheelchairs, hospital beds) and living (fitness equipment, gardening tools, playgrounds).


BLMA is one of largest manufacturer of CNC machine in China.
  • August,03, 2020
    The Operation of the Ironworker Machine

    Hydraulic ironworker machine and mechanical ironworker integrate punching, shearing angle steel cutting, profile cutting, and other functions. With the advantages of a lightweight, small size, low noise, ironworkers are modern machinery of manufacturing industries such as communications, electric po

  • July,27, 2020
    How To Maintain Shredder Machines

    Preventive maintenance of the shredding equipment can effectively extend the service life of the crushing equipment, improve the efficiency of the industrial waste shredder, and ensure that the shredder machines will not affect the normal work due to the occurrence of failures during the use of the

  • July,20, 2020
    How to Operate the Industrial Plastic Shredder

    The operation of industrial plastic shredder1. General provisions1.1 Operators of reprinters and industrial plastic shredders must be trained to achieve "three understandings" (understand the structure, performance, and principles), "four sessions" (will use, maintain, maintain, and handle faults),

  • July,13, 2020
    How To Select Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

    During the processing of sheet metal or metal profiles, these materials are often sheared or punched. A metal ironworker is a combination of shearing, punching, and dies shearing, which can meet the various needs of profile processing. Ironworkers are divided into two types: hydraulic ironworker mac

  • July,06, 2020
    What is Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

    Hydraulic Ironworker machine (also named hydraulic combined punching and shearing machine) is a new type of punching and shearing machine equipment, which is widely used in steel molds, vehicles, bridges, and other projects. It has reliable performance. Moreover, the hydraulic ironworker machine use

  • June,29, 2020
    How to Choose Industrial Shredder Machine

    Shredder is a kind of mature industrial machinery, covering almost all products can be shredded by shredder machines, so how to choose suitable shredding equipment for our own use is a problem we need to consider. Before choosing a shredder machine, we need to clarify our needs. There are five key p

  • June,22, 2020
    The Types of Industrial Shredder Machine

    After several years of development, the shredder machines production technology in China is quite mature. This new type of crushing equipment needs more people to understand and promote it. The use range of shredder machines is very wide, and most of the solid waste materials can be produced and pro

  • June,15, 2020
    Precautions for Shredder Machines Operation

    It is necessary to keep in mind and observe the operating precautions of industrial waste shredder during work to achieve safe production.1. The fixed operation of the shredder machines should be fixed on the cement foundation. If the workplace is changed frequently, the shredder and motor should be

  • June,08, 2020
    7 Minutes to Understand Shredder Machines

    Shredder machines are machines used for coarse shredding of materials. It is generally used to process unprocessed raw materials or scraps, making its size smaller. Shredder machines are widely used in domestic garbage shredding, vegetable market garbage shredding, medical garbage shredding, RDF fue

  • June,02, 2020
    The Precautions and Maintenance of Plate Rolling Machine

    In the previous article, we introduced the working principle of the steel plate rolling machine, the classification of the sheet metal rolling machine, and the advantages of the 4 roller plate rolling machine. In this article, we will mainly introduce the operation precautions and maintenance method

  • December,26, 2019
    Ultimate Guide: press brake machine part I

    Press brake machine is a kind of machine that can bend metal sheets. It is mainly Including bracket, worktable and clamping plate. The worktable is consisting of a base and a pressure plate. And the worktable is placed on the bracket. The base is connected with the clamping plate by the hinge. The b

  • January,03, 2020
    Ultimate Guide: Working Principle of Press Brake Machine part Ⅱ

    Hydraulic press brake machines are generally used for sheet bending in industry. It controls the strength according to the system parameters to achieve different bending effects. The structure of the hydraulic bending machine includes a bracket, a table, and a clamping plate. The workbench is placed

  • March,09, 2020
    The Difference of Electric Press Brake and Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

    Electric press brake and hydraulic press brake machine are both useful and powerful press brake plate bending machine in their own right. There are some distinct differences and variations in uses for these two types of press brake machines. As the top 5 press brake manufacturers, BLMA company offer

  • January,16, 2020
    Ultimate Guide: Operate and Maintain Press Brake Machine part Ⅲ

    Under the premise that the press brake machine can be used safely and properly, correct operation and maintenance can effectively increase the press brake machine life, and reduce machine costs and damages. In the following, we introduce the operation and maintenance of the press brake machine to in

  • February,22, 2020
    3 Things the Press Brake Machine Operator Need to Know

    Metal sheet bending refers to the process of changing the angle of a sheet or plate. Such as bending the plate into a V shape, U shape and so on. In general, there are two methods for sheet metal bending: one method is die bending, which is used for sheet metal structures with complex structures, sm

  • March,27, 2020
    7 Minutes to Understand Pipe and Tube Bending Machines

    The pipe and tube bending machines are mainly used for electric power construction, public railway construction, pipeline laying and repairing of boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration, etc. It has the advantages of multiple functions, reasonable structure, and simple operation. In addition

  • April,01, 2020
    Operating Instructions for Pipe and Tube Bending Machines

    In our last article, we have introduced the definition, characteristics, functions and process characteristics of the tube and pipe bender, which can help you to understand the pipe bender. on this basis, it is easier to understand the operation procedures and operational considerations of the pipe

  • April,08, 2020
    Maintenance of Pipe and Tube Bending Machines

    For the pipe and tube bending machines, the maintenance is as important as operation. BLMA, as the top 10 tube and pipe bending machine manufacturers, provides professional maintenance knowledge of pipe and tube bending machine.One of the maintenance guidelines of the hydraulic pipe bending machines

  • March,16, 2020
    Top 10 Press Brake Manufacturers

    The precautions for the use of press brake machines and the differences between Electric press brake and hydraulic press brake machines have been introduced in our before article. Some of the world's leading press brake bending machines manufacturers are provided below for your reference and detaile

  • April,13, 2020
    How do Pipe and Tube Bending Machines Work?

    BLMA is the top 10 tube bending machine manufacturers, having professional metal pipe and tube bender knowledge and providing high-quality CNC tube bending machine, semi-automatic pipe bending machine, hydraulic tube bending machine and so on.

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