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Shredder Machines

Shredder Machines are a kind of machine used for crushing and recycling wastes. Shredding equipment by cutting, tearing and squeezing materials to achieve reduced size, is used for all kinds of waste material. So industrial waste shredder is widely used in small waste recycling enterprises and middle and large scale scrap metal recycling enterprises.

In Shredder Machines, the pre-sorted material to be chopped is fed into the shafts whose rotors are moving slowly in opposite directions (therefore dust and noise-free). The cutting discs are plugged on the shaft. In case the machine is overloaded or foreign objects are in the cutting unit, the rotor stops and moves backward (return overload behavior and reverse running). The precisely serrated fixed knives make sure the material is shredded with a minimum of power. The fastened wiper element helps to avoid multiple turn coiling and raising of the material to be chopped. The number of knives or their width in Shredding equipment respectively determines the size of the output material.

BLMA's shredding machine with functions of start, stop, reverse, overload reverse automatically, with feature return and overload returns automatically, with characteristics of big torque in low speed and low noise. BLMA, as the top 10 shredding equipment supplier in China, is your reliable and qualified partner. We offer high quality, power, and endurable shredder machines developed for a variety of applications. When you need more of all then we build your special shredder exactly as required. And according to your special requirements, you get your optimal shredding solution. 

The main parts of Shredder Machines

This shredding machine equipment is mainly composed of the feed hopper, double shaft cutting system, control system, discharging conveyor system and power system, etc.

● Feed hopper

Put the material to be crushed, so as to prevent the material from splashing out.

● Shaft cutting system

Using different blades according to customers' material

● Power system

We choose famous brands of the motor in China, can also be configured according to customer needs

● Discharging conveyor system

It adopts an independent power system, and that power system is integrally fixed on the shredder by bolts so that the power system can be integrally drawn out.

The Advantages of Shredder Machines

● Energy efficient 
● Maximum cutting force and productivity
● The knife of shredding machine is very easy to change and the knife is made with special alloy steel, through high-temperature treatment, it can work for a long lifetime.
● Twin speed hydraulics with integrated air cooler
● Shock absorbing gearbox reduces stress on drive components

The Applications of Shredder Machines

●Organic waste

Food scraps, parts of animals, expired products, etc.

●Brand and product protection

The destruction of brands and goods not to go to the market

●Electronic scrap

Processing of CPUs, monitors, electric cables, metal sheet, mobile devices


Car tire, trucks tire


Sludge, films, injected, blown, loose or compacted.


●Wood waste 

Drums, buckets, barrels, pallets, crates

●Paper and confidential documents

Documents, folders, archives, cardboard boxes, paper rolls, etc.


Carpets, fabrics, clothes, film


Copper, aluminum, lead

●Waste treatment and disposition

Disfigurement and destruction of biological and pharmaceutical products


The Comparison of Double Shaft Shredder and Single Shaft Shredder

Double Shaft Shredder


Double Shaft Shredder is built to process many different kinds of waste streams in large volumes. The geometry of the shredder blades can be customized depending on the material to be shredded. Two counter-rotating shafts with special design blades and spacer combs placed between blades and attached to shredding chamber walls cut the material into pieces with great force.

The heavy-duty structure of the double shaft shredder machine and its exclusive cutting system allow these machines to cope with the processing of waste which is harder to manage such as, oversized waste or cut-resistant waste. In the case of jamming, blades counter-rotate in order to eliminate the blockage. 

Single Shaft Shredder


Single Shaft Shredder's knives are bolted securely onto a large, closed rotor in a staggered array. As the material is fed into the shredder machines, a hydraulic assisted drawer pushes the material against the rotor where it will be continuously cut until it reaches the desired size as designated by a screen filter that is fitted beneath the cutting chamber. 


The material will continue to be shredded until it is small enough to fall through this screen filter. Unlike granulators that spin at high speeds, single shaft shredder for sale is relatively quiet, slow cutting machines. Single shaft shredder machines are specially designed to shred thick materials that are highly resistant to cutting such as plastic blocks, drums, and extruded polymer pipes, etc.



1. Machine structure is different:

Single Shaft Shredder is equipped with only one shaft with rotary blades, a hydraulic-driven pusher plate/arm, and a screen underneath the rotating shaft.

Double Shaft Shredder is built with two shafts of blades, which we also call dual shearing shafts. There is no hydraulic-driven pusher or screen on this machine.

2. The application of material is different:

Single Shaft Shredder for sale is mainly applied to shred thick and solid materials such as molding purgings/runners/sprues. plastic pallets, rubber rolls, wood lumbers, tree branches, bones, wood pallets, etc.

Double Shaft Shredder machine normally is used to shred small to large-sized relatively light or hollow products, such as car/truck tires, film, plastic steel drums, scrap TV/computer, scrap fax/printing machines, etc.

3. The operation process is different:

With a Single Shaft Shredder, once the material is fed into the hopper, the hydraulic-driven plate/arm pushes the material towards the cutting shaft to ensure the material is efficiently shredded by the rotary cutting blades. The material will be repeatedly shredded until the shreds are small enough to pass throughput the screen mesh as output.

With a Double Shaft Shredder, once the material is fed into the machine, the two shafts of cutting blades hook the material and then bite it until its fully swallowed into the discharging chamber. The shreds are directly discharged after cutting without passing through any screen, so the size of shreds is quite random.

BLMA Shredder Machines have various models of Single Shaft Shredder and Double Shaft Shredder to meet different needs. If you are not sure which type of shredder best fits your recycling needs, contact us and we will help you find an optimal solution.

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