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  • When talking about press brake, we can always hear X,Y,R,C axis, whereas such made certain buyers confused. Different axis represents different role and direction of motion. Today we're going to talk about it in detail.


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  • The number of axes your press brake​ needs depends on the parts you want to bend. As for a torsion bar press brake, it will have a minimum of 2 axes. There will be Y axis for the ram position and one X axis for the back gauge.


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  • Top select thin plate processing molds, the formula of V=6T fits for plates below 3mm. For plates between 3 to 8mm, V=8T can be used for high requirement customers. For plates more than 8mm thickness, V=12T can be used if the customer does not require high accuracy and radian.


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  • This article describes the difference between the laser pipe cutting machine and the saw blade pipe cutting machine, from the perspectives of whether it can cut the bevel and whether the cutting pattern is diverse.


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  • This article mainly analyzes the failures of a variety of CNC bending machines, including various situations such as no pressure or no pressure rise in the system.


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  • There are six aspects of bending processing criteria, which are preparation before bending, selection of bending die, first piece bending, batch bending, process control, and matters needing attention.


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  • Customers who want to improve the positioning efficiency cannot start from the hardware itself, but should consider more reasonable design schemes.


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  • First of all, users need to understand the cause of the inconsistent bending angle. The inconsistent bending angle is caused by different lowering depth of the molds on both sides.


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