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China Best V Grooving Machine

The sheet metal grooving equipment is a fully CNC V groover machine for metal sheet. It adopts an advanced CNC system and innovative design with the advantages of high processing precision, simple operation, no noise, no vibration, and so on. V groove cutting machine is widely used in the sheet metal V-groove, U-groove, and other irregular groove processing (including stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum plate, copper, iron, plastic, wood, acrylic panels, and other special plates). Particularly it applies to the V-groove processing of sheet metal before bending.

Primarily used to facilitate the bending or folding of various materials, V-Groove machining creates a V-shaped cut or channel along the surface of a material. This cut along the fold line acts as a hinge, allowing the product to achieve 90-degree bends with relatively small bending radii. The workpiece produced with such a technique has a small bending radius, not obvious color changes, small bending force requirements, etc. Besides, it reduces the straightness error of the round edge of narrow long workpieces, and the common press brake and toolings can be used to bend the workpiece with complicated section shape. V-Grooving is often employed in many applications where traditional bending methods such as forced bending, free bending, and three-point bending are impractical.

Vertical V Grooving Machine

● The vertical V grooving machine adopts the precision ball screw as the power transmission component.

● The V groove cutting machine has three-axis, X-axis (longitudinal moving of the tooltip); Y-axis (up and down), Z-axis (vertical moving of the tooltip) servo motor control.

● The tool holder slide is made of cast iron material, which is wear-resistant and repairable.

● The rear moving part is driven by a double ball screw, and the positioning accuracy of the board surface is high.

● The pressing system uses the hydraulic system as the power, the pressure is large, and the fastening force is reliable At the same time, low noise and low energy consumption.

Gantry V Grooving Machine

● The gantry V grooving machine is welded by steel plate, and the internal stress is eliminated by vibration aging. 

● The sheet metal grooving machine adopts a platform structure, and the tool holder is processed by the lateral and longitudinal movement.

● The gantry V groove cutting machine adopts the processing technology of three front and rear forming knives.

● High-speed alloy steel gear rack, large pitch ball wire rod, and high precision, mute straight guide. 

● The equipment adopts CNC numerical control. Operators are easy to learn and understand, accurate positioning.

Vertical V Metal Sheet Roll Groover Grooving Machine


1. precision:with 0.04mm
2. PLC system : easy to operate
3. widely use,v grooving all the metal steel
4. customize to your need
5. cnc with servo motor
6. pneumatic drive environmental friendly
7. we stand at the top design


 T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
 Jiangsu, China
 Can be customized
 20 days after deposit confirmed

Hydraulic Metal Plate Sheet V Grooving Machine


Advantages: conventional machine is clamps hold the sheet metal moving over the working table, so the sheet surface is very easy to be scratched.
Now this machine’s biggest advantage is sheet metal fixed, has no relative motion. the work piece is protected.


 T/T, L/C, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram
 Jiangsu, China
 Can be customized
 20 days after deposit confirmed

Standard Components

● CNC system - Japan

● Hydraulic system - HUST controller, Taiwan 

● Linear guide - HINWIN, Taiwan

● Frequency converter - Mitsubishi

● Servo motor - Mitsubishi, Japan

● Seal ring - VALQUA, Japan

● Motor - SEW
● Contactor - Schneider

● Air valve - AIRTAC, Taiwan

● Cylinder - AIRTAC, Taiwan

● Blades - KORLOY, Korea

● Gear-rack drive - YYC, Taiwan

● Wire - IGUS, Germany

● Relay - Schneider
Frame and Beam
The frame is made of Q345 steel and structure with the overall table. The beam is a welded frame structure, the implementation of the overall welding, tempering after welding the whole, all to ensure the overall good rigidity. Both frame and beam are not deformed.
Gear and Rack Drive
Precision copper gear and bevel rack drive are adopted, supplemented by heavy linear guide rail from Taiwan HIWIN, the moving speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion, and the cutting process is stable and efficient.
Ball Screw
SFSR static ball screw and QR ball screw are used in the tool frame transfer device, so the precision is high.
The "V" groove is processed with 4 blades, so the cutting amount is evenly distributed to reduce the deformation of the workpiece.
Only need to use the keyboard and processing program to input data to complete the slot.
According to different materials, the processing speed can be adjusted through the knob, which is convenient for operation.
The process can be monitored through the display screen. When the V-shaped slotting machine is abnormal, the alarm information will be displayed on the screen, and it is easy to repair.
Servo Motor
Using Mitsubishi Servo motor to ensure the moving speed, accuracy and stability.
The first-stage drive of the motor adopts a V-belt, because the extension of the V-belt reduces the impact of sudden stop and emergency return, ensures the flexible operation of the equipment, and extends the service life of the V-shaped slotting machine.

Application of V Grooving Machine

China best V Grooving Machine is widely used in the sheet metal V-Grooer, U-groove, and other irregular groover processing (including stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum plate, copper, iron, plastic, wood, acrylic panel other special plates). Sheet metal V grooving machine is widely used in stainless steel decoration, elevator, security doors, and cabinet industries.

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