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Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

A hydraulic ironworker machine, also called hydraulic steelworker,  is a machine tool that combines various functions such as metal cutting, hole punching, shearing, and bending. It is made of very heavy steel to handle the enormous force that can be generated during use. An ironworker machine for sale uses hydraulic rams powered by a heavy alternating current electric motor and uses high strength carbon steel blades and dies of various shapes to work the metal.

A hydraulic ironworker machine for sale is used for punching, shearing, notching, bending, and other metal fabrication - sometimes replacing the need for drill presses and bandsaws altogether. Hydraulic ironworker machine is supplied with standard tooling including X. Y gauging support tables at punch, shear, and notch stations. Each work station is also equipped with specially designed hold-downs at all five work stations. These specially designed hold-downs to ensure safety while providing precision alignment and ease of use. Comprehensive safety guards are fitted as standard on all work stations. Freestanding on a suitable floor, they just require an electrical connection to be ready for work.

Hydraulic ironworker for sale offers the biggest tonnage per dollar for your fabrication shop. Most of them work on the same principal with the center pulling straight down on the work. The tooling moves vertically, with no arc of a pivot arm. Most hydraulic ironworker comes standard with a punching station, flat bar shear, angle iron shear, and often a coper-notcher. They operate so you can move from punch to plate shear to angle shear to notcher without always changing equipment. Many different sizes and styles of punch & die sets are available such as round, oblong slot, square, rectangle, keyhole, etc. Many kinds of optional tooling are available (coper-notcher, press brake, pipe notcher, angle notcher, rod shear, gaging table, back gauge, multi-hole punching, and even radius notching). 

As top 10 hydraulic ironworker machine manufacturers in China, BLMA's hydraulic ironworker for sale is well-engineered ironworkers built for high power, quality, and reliability. These hydraulic ironworker machines have two control foot paddles, and separate operations can be safely performed simultaneously without interference. The low-pressure setting for tool change provides maximum operation safety. The long punching cylinder stroke and deep throat enable mounting a wide range of special equipment. The large punching base with the "T-slot" mounting provides a solid base for securing the punching tooling, as well as a wide range of optional and custom-designed tooling.

We refer Ironworker machines to the “Swiss Army Knives” of the Fabrication Industry. Every fabricator should have a quality Ironworker machine in their shop! BLMA is professional hydraulic ironworker machine manufacturers, and it's ironworker machine for sale leads the industry in both performance and build quality. They are well-engineered, efficient, and optimized for long life. Our hydraulic ironworker for sale screams out heavy-duty, with gigantic hydraulic rams, over-capacity work stations, and deep throats. They also have an industry-best super quick press brake attachment change out feature and stations that allow for operator ease of use and efficiency. 

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The Main Parts of Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

1) Shearing: 

With this part of the machine, squares from 25 mm to 55 mm and rounds from 30 mm diameters to 65 mm diameters can be cut very fast. By changing the blades you can also U or T sections. with the help of special blades, you can cut several types of 90° – 45° angle sections efficiently. Diamond-shaped blade for quality cuts that is minimal material lost and deformity. 


2) Punching: 

The machine punches from 30 mm diameters (8 mm thickness) to 57 mm diameters (22 mm thickness) very efficiently. Unique style allows for large angle iron punching and large channel punching. 

3) Notching:

The machine comes with a rectangular notching tool that you can use for your notching works. Unique design allows for cutting of angle and flat bar. The notching section of this hydraulic ironworker machine is perfect for notching out the metal plate, angle iron, and much more.


4) Flat cutting

Positioning ruler on the worktable can control the cutting shape and cutting length with higher accuracy. The ironworker machine for sale can cut small flat sheets. This function is the same as the sheet metal shearing machine.

5) Bending

Bending can bend the same workpieces into different angles or shapes. It can be used as a small press brake machine. Bending the plate below 500mm.


The Advantages of Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

● Pure vertical hydraulic motion at each station, which extends tooling life and reduces stress on the hydraulic ironworker machine.
● Oversized work tables with scales and adjustable guides for repeatable results.
● Heavy-duty stop rod system for the shearing station that minimizes waste and increases precision.
● 7 punches and dies to increase the machine’s variety of applications.
● Rigid steel construction to eliminate flexing.

The Precaution of Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

1) Electric insulation and earth must be in good condition

2) Punching and notching work must not be performed simultaneously

3) Do not perform overload operation. ( Tensile strength of material = 450N / mm, the hardness of material = HB180 ).

4) Keep all edges of blades sharp

5) Welding scar and burr must no be stayed on the surfaces of the plate to be punched.

6) To ensure safe punching and cutting work, the hold-down unit should be adjusted according to any thickness of material within the cutting capacity of the hydraulic ironworker machine.

7) After replacing blades, their clearance should be re-checked, adjust it as necessary.

8) Check connections of all parts are in good condition regularly, if the unnormal circumstance is found the machine should be stopped to be repaired in time.

9) Lubricate all lubricating points according to the working period to avoid damaging the working surfaces. 

The Applications of Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

As the top 10 professional hydraulic ironworker machine manufacturers, BLMA's hydraulic Ironworker Machine is a unique multipurpose hydraulic ironworker machine that has various applications and serves a lot of industries such as Tower manufacturing, Construction, Metal Fabrications, Telecommunication Industries, Bridge Manufacturing, etc. 

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