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  • Long-term use of the bending machine will cause mechanical errors due to wear and other conditions, resulting in different angles on both sides of the workpiece when bending the workpiece. It is the fastest and most convenient to adjust the inclined iron between the upper knife and the quick clamp. This article will describe two other methods that can be adjusted.


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  • Bending machines generally have abbreviations such as 2+1 3+1 4+1, such as 2+1, the first 2 represents the Y axis of the main function, and the X axis of the back gauge of the auxiliary function. The +1 axis is the mechanical compensation of the machine. 2+1 is generally the basic function. 3+1, 4+1, etc. are all perfected in the back gauge.


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  • When using a bending machine, the mold is essential, and the accuracy of the mold determines the final accuracy of the product. The following is a brief introduction to what kind of mold the product needs.


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  • The most important thing about the feasibility of bending is to look at the combination of molds. And how to choose the tonnage of the bending machine.


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  • CNC bending machine is mainly composed of the following parts: bed part, slider part, Y-axis detection part, mold clamping part, back gauge part, compensation part, hydraulic system, console relay and other main parts.


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  • This article covers 4 basics of press brake bending, including material type, material thickness, tools, and crowning devices.


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  • The press brake is an important manufacturing machine for bending and forming sheet metal needed in almost every workshop. Today's technology provides us with advanced CNC control to improve accuracy and productivity. In order to meet customers faster, more, more accurate needs.


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  • Sheet metal rolling is an industrial metal forming process that requires the use of complex equipment. This requires operators to take safety measurements when using the rolling mill. This article describes the safety precautions that operators must follow in metal rolling equipment.


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