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What is a molding clip
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What is a molding clip

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What is a molding clip

There is only one size of pipe in my drawing, and the bending data of pipe bending machine are all the same. One set of molds is enough for this. Why do you want me to buy a double-layer machine? This is the most frequently encountered question in our communication with customers, and also the most frequently answered consultation. We have mentioned a die called molding clip when we talk about the choice of pipe bender mold. Let's talk about this problem in detail.

In general, when the straight section of the pipe is long, it can be completed by using ordinary bending die. However, if the straight section at the joint of two bends is too short, clamping interference will occur, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Pipe fitting interference

Figure 1  Pipe bending interference

In order to ensure correct bending, it is necessary to make the corresponding shape of the molding clip Figure 2

Figure 2 Molding clip

Figure 2  Molding clip

This kind of tube bending machine mold is a special and customized mold, which can not be applied to ordinary elbow, so we need a double layer structure to complete the continuous elbow action.

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