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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  • 4000W Laser Cutting Machine, 4KW Laser Cutting Machine for Sale


    4000w laser cutting machine, 4kw laser cutting machine for sale Description This machine adopting a high-quality fiber laser and high precision WIRON square rail driver by helical gear. Such a perfect combination guarantees its high speed, precision, efficiency, and low cost. So the 4kw laser cuttin Read More

  • 1KW Laser Cutter, China Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


    1KW laser cutter, China fiber laser cutting machine DescriptionThis high technology machine is a combination of laser cutting and automatic CNC machines. The 1000w laser cutter is controlled by an advanced automatic numerical system. Main features of 1000 watt laser cutterUltra-low-cost, lasers con Read More

  • 500W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet for Sale


    500W fiber laser cutting machine, 500 watt laser cutter, Chinese laser cutting machine manufacturer.DescriptionIn order to meet the increasingly complex needs of consumers, BLMA is targeted at market demand, independently developed 500W pipe and tube fiber laser cutting machine for metal sheet for s Read More

  • 1000W 4000W 6000W Double Drive Closed Type Exchange Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


    1000W 4000W 6000W Double Drive Closed Type Exchange Table Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, China laser cutting machine manufacturerDescription1000W 4000W 6000W double drive closed metal laser cutter for sale is one kind of best laser cutting machine. Fiber laser metal cutting is a laser processing that Read More

  • 2000W Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Laser Cutter for Sale


    2000W Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine, China CNC Laser Cutter for SaleDescription2000W sheet metal laser cutter is also called fiber laser metal cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting system, fiber laser cutting equipment. By using the best laser cutting machine, metals Read More

  • SXL 3000W Double Drive Open Type Sheet Metal Laser Cutter, Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers


    SXL 3000W Double Drive Open Type Sheet Metal Laser Cutter, China Fiber Laser Cutting Machine ManufacturersDescription3KW laser cutting machine is a kind of CNC laser metal cutting equipment with high quality, high speed, high precision, and high efficiency. It is suitable for all kinds of metal cutt Read More

Hydraulic Pipe Tube Bender

  • 3 Axis CNC Tube Bender, China 3 Axis Pipe Bending Machine


    3 axis CNC tube bender, China 3 axis pipe bending machine Description3 axis CNC tube bender is an ideal solution for increasing production volume while decreasing the time each piece takes to produce. It allows for precision bending and ends forming, a process that is difficult and time-consuming to Read More

  • 19mm Tube Bender, China Automatic Tube Bending Machine


    19mm tube bender, China automatic tube bending machine Description China automatic tube bending machine includes a full set of tooling for bending, expanding, flaring, and swaging muffler pipes. It is great for lower production work and sometimes comes with an auto-stop feature, whereas our programm Read More

  • 25mm Tube Bender, Tube Bending Machines Companies


    25mm tube bender, tube bending machines companies BLMA CNC hydraulic tube bender combines rugged durability with fast, repeatable bending. Our 25mm metal tube bending machine combines many processes into one machine by utilizing fiber laser technology. Conventional saw cutting, drilling, machining, Read More

Press Brake


  • Double Shaft Shredder Machine, Fabric Shredding Machine for Sale


    Description Double shaft shredder machine, fabric shredding machine for sale. A fabric shredding machine, also known as a double shaft shredder machine, reduces the size of the material by shearing, tearing, and squeezing. They mainly handle plastic lumps and products, wood, paper wastes to obtain u Read More

  • Commercial Cardboard Shredder, Single Shaft Shredder for Sale


    Commercial cardboard shredder, single shaft shredder for sale DescriptionSingle shaft shredder uses the interaction of movable cutter heads and fixed knives to tear, cut, and extrude the material into small size. It can be available for shredding a wide range of materials including plastic, wood, ru Read More

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