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Double Shaft Shredder Machine, Fabric Shredding Machine for Sale
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Double Shaft Shredder Machine, Fabric Shredding Machine for Sale

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Double shaft shredder machine, fabric shredding machine for sale.


fabric shredding machine for sale

A fabric shredding machine, also known as a double shaft shredder machine, reduces the size of the material by shearing, tearing, and squeezing. They mainly handle plastic lumps and products, wood, paper wastes to obtain uniform shredded particles.


Double shaft shredder is featured sophisticated design, robust structure, and high efficient shredding result. With a twin shaft shredder for sale, once the materials are fed into the cutting chamber, the cutting blades with hooks will grab the material and then shear it down to strips. The shreds are directly discharged after cutting without passing through a screen, so the size of shreds is quite random, custom blade widths can match your required sizing. Programmed Reveres rotation of the rotor shaft can prevent damages when overload. Both electrical and hydraulic drive systems available.


Technical Features

1. Dual shaft/dual-rotor design with differential shaft speeds

2. Heavy-duty internal gearbox

3. Custom blade widths to match your required sizing

4. Choice of the drive system (hydraulic or electric)

5. Recirculation systems for multi-pass processing if needed to meet required size-reduction

6. The frame plate thickness can resist high torque, very strong.

7. Using microcomputer (PC) automatic control, set start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control.

8. The device has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise, dust can meet environmental standards.


Shredder drawing

double shaft shredder drawing


  • Minimal maintenance

  • Safe and easy operation

  • Auto-reversing when engaging unshreddables

  • Stable performance with low noise and dust generation

  • High alloy blades materials with optional hard-facing to increase cutting effectiveness

  • Free and professional blade design to make sure high shredding quality

  • Thick knife, high crushing power, all-alloy steel casting tools, long service life.

  • Available for different products, such as waste plastic, rubber, tyre, wood, metal, cardboard, paper, coconut, stone, PVC pipe, grass.



Fabric shredding machines are used in material size reduction and waste recycling in various industries.

1. All kinds of hollow containers

Plastic beverage cans, plastic barrels, iron barrels, crates, packaging barrels.

2. Old appliances

Televisions, washing machines, refrigerators.

3. Pipe

Large pipe, pipe fittings, RE pipe.

4. Waste templates

Wooden pallets, plastic pallets, forklift pallets.

5. Old tires

Car tires, truck tires

6. Scrap metal

Car shell, aluminum alloy, scrap aluminum castings, engine shell, lead, and the thickness of the following 5mm steel plate.

7. Food waste, domestic garbage, animal carcasses, RDF line biology, medical waste, straw life, garden garbage.

8. Paper mill rope, waste paper, corrugated paper.



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