Advantages of Iron worker
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Advantages of Iron worker

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The Iron worker is a sheet metal and profile processing equipment integrating various functions (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Ironworker

Figure 1  Iron worker

Hydraulic Iron worker is widely used in steel structure processing, storage shelves, high voltage wire tower, telecom tower, street lamp, advertising signs, elevator, ventilation pipe and other civil facilities production enterprises.

Advantages and characteristics of combined punching and shearing machine:

1. The use of hydraulic transmission, the machine structure is reasonable, light weight, low noise, light and reliable and overload performance.

2. The machine is equipped with punching station, channel steel and Angle steel shearing station, thick plate shearing station, round steel and square steel cutting station, corner cutting station. Large punching, plate bending, channel steel punching, shutter and pipe Angle cutting accessories are available.

3. Standard equipped with five stations and double hydraulic workstations. Can work independently at the same time. The machine does not need any level debugging, placed in place can be used. CNC control system is optional to increase automatic punching and cutting efficiency.

4. The whole machine welding, after high temperature quenching treatment, so that the frame has high steel, high strength; The cutting tool is treated with special vacuum high temperature to prolong its service life.

5. With the pipe cutting mold can also cut off the pipe and open the groove, high efficiency, cost saving, cutting section beautiful.

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