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Selection of Bending Oil Cylinder and Servo Motor
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Selection of Bending Oil Cylinder and Servo Motor

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The power of the pipe bending machine is mainly driven by the oil cylinder and the servo motor.

arm swing

Figure 1 arm swing

In Figure 1, the clamping die and pressure die mainly play the role of clamping, and there is no requirement for accuracy, as long as the clamping force is sufficient, so basically the oil cylinder is used to complete the movement. Pressure die assist is a follow-up action that does not require precision, so an oil cylinder can also be used. Rotation of the machine head according to the requirements of use, the fixed machine head generally has two configurations of oil cylinder and servo motor. The main angle of the servo motor control angle is accurate and suitable for those with high precision requirements. Oil cylinder control is fine for those who do not have high requirements for accuracy.

feeding car

Figure 2 feeding car

The rotating and feeding of the feeding car in Figure 2 are all servo motors because they require precise positioning.

In addition to the above basic configuration that requires a cylinder motor, when the pipe bender has two or more layers of molds, the head needs to be changed. The following is a comparison diagram.

4A2S machine head

Figure 3  4A2S  machine head

5A3S machine head

Figure 4  5A3S machine head

First of all, the rotary function of the two models can only be controlled by servo motors because of the space. Then Figure 3 shows the 4A2S except the two servo motors of the feeding car plus the rotating servo motor. However, if the mold change moves up and down, if it is a two-layer, you can use an oil cylinder. In Figure 4, 5A3S has the same rotation angle and left and right head movement servo motors as 4A2S. Because it is a three-layer mold, three action points are required to move the head up and down. Although the oil cylinder can be used to control the oil cut off, However, the relative accuracy is not as accurate as using servo motor control, so 5A( 5 axis) is generally recommended for three-layer mold machines.

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