How to choose C Type punch press
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How to choose C Type punch press

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How to choose C Type punch press

The design principle of the punching machine is to convert the circular motion into linear motion, the output of the main motor, drive the flywheel, the clutch drives the gear, crankshaft (or eccentric gear), connecting rod and so on, to achieve the linear motion of the slider.

C type power press (figure 1) because the body is not symmetrical, stamping the reaction will cause the fuselage opening before and after deformation, leads to the deterioration of the concurrent degree of mold, this is its biggest drawback, so commonly used in about 50% of the nominal pressure, but because of operational, mold proximity is good, convenient for changing molds, is still widely loved, At the same time the machine price is also relatively low, is the mainstream of stamping machinery.

Figure 1 C-Type Press

Figure 1 C type punching press

So how much power of punching machine do we need?

Usually the following three points:

1. Pressure capacity: It refers to the position of the bottom dead point of the slider, which can produce tons of pressure. This pressure is also called "nominal pressure" or "capacity" for short, and the unit is expressed in tons.

2. Torque capacity: refers to the position where pressure capacity is generated, namely the bottom dead point, also known as the "capacity occurrence point", expressed in mm.

3. Working capacity: refers to the maximum effective capacity that can be produced during processing, expressed in kG-m.

How to calculate the tonnage of the press punching machine?

Simply put, punch tonnage = punching force + press force + stripping force + forming force

1. Punching force: P=T*L*K(unit: N)

Note: P punching force, T material thickness, L punching perimeter, K shear strength

2. Pressing force and stripping force

This value is calculated according to about 30% of the blanking force

3. The forming force

P1=0.43*T*L1*K1(unit: N)

Note: P1 forming force, T material thickness, L1 bending length, K1 tensile strength

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