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Shredding machine maintenance
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Shredding machine maintenance

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The shredding captain is operating at high load for a long time, so there will be a different degree of fault, some failure occurs is not obvious, if the user doesn't watch carefully is hard to find the existence of small fault, long term, will inevitably cause serious damage to shredding machine, is a waste of time, money, energy, but also delay the production, efficiency and output.

If abnormal noise is found in the machine during use, the main shaft of the machine (red part in Figure 1) can be checked for any distortion resulting in mutual extrusion.

If there is no distortion, lubricating oil can be applied to increase lubricity.

Figure 1 Spindle Location

Figure 1  Spindle Location

If it is found that the shredding effect is very poor, it is necessary to stop the machine to check the clearance of the blade, because the machine will be squeezed between the blades for a long time, and all the offset will lead to the clearance is too large, and the shredding effect is reduced. First check the blade for damage (Figure 2)

Figure 2 Shredder Blade

Figure 2  Shredder Blade

Blade damage mainly comes from wear, and the blade will become blunt after wear, and the shredding quality is poor. If there is damage, the blade needs to be polished, and the parallelism of the blade should be ensured. If no damage can be directly adjusted only to the blade clearance can be solved.

The final summary is to check whether the reducer lubricating oil and coupling butter is lacking, and then to ensure that the blade is not stuck in operation, regularly clean and maintain the equipment, can effectively protect the equipment, and improve the efficiency of shredding machine.

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