W11 China Three Roll Bending Machine, China CNC Plate Rolling Machine
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W11 China Three Roll Bending Machine, China CNC Plate Rolling Machine

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W11 three roll bending machine, CNC plate rolling machine


three roll bending machine

This machine is a mechanical three-roller symmetrical plate rolling machine. The upper roller moves up and down at a symmetrical position in the center of the two lower rollers and is obtained by a worm gear, which is characterized by safety and stability.


The two lower rollers are respectively rotated through the output gear of the reducer and the lower roller gear to provide power for the board to travel and for mechanical transmission. The three roll bending machine is compact, easy to operate, and maintains an extended shaft for profile bending.



Main Features


1. Upper and lower driving, it can finish the end pre-bending and rolling of the metal plate without a U-turn.

2. The upper roller is the drum-shaped roller, there’s an adjustable roller supporting device under the lower roller, which ensures the accuracy of products.

3. The pressing oil cylinder is positioned on the top place without the rod pressing down, which can save energy consumption.

4. The material of upper and lower rollers is 42 CrMo, the rollers adopt solid forging with good comprehensive mechanical performance, good core tenacity, and high surface hardness, it is suitable for heavy load work with long service life.

5. The 3 roll plate bending machine has an independent operating table to make operation convenient for workers and a safe connecting device, to ensure safety.

6. Economical and applicable, cost-effective. It is suitable for medium and thick-plate rolling systems.


Main parts

The 3 roller plate bending machine composed of a work frame, upper roll device, main drive device, down roll device, side roll device, overturn device, hydraulic system(parts), electricity system(parts), and lubricate device.


1. Main power: Siemens Electrical made in Germany

2. Main electronic elements: Schneider made in France;

3. Axletree: Double-row self-aligning bearing from Germany

4. Main motor: Siemens Electrical made in Germany

5. Programmable logic controller PLC: OMRON products from Japan

6. Hydraulic system: Bosch – Rexroth made inGermany

7. Gear pump: made in China Taiwan ;

8. Work Roller: Material of work roller with 42CrMo Alloy steel.

9. Digital display system: Touch Screen for Delta

10 Transducer: OMRON, Made in Japan 

11. Automatic lubrication system: Sino-Japanese joint, which has block alarm











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