W12NC Four Roller Bending Machine, China Plate Bending Machine Manufacturers
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W12NC Four Roller Bending Machine, China Plate Bending Machine Manufacturers

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W12NC four roller bending machine, China plate bending machine manufacturers


four roller bending machine

The 4 roll plate roller is a computer control four roller coiling machine that is able to sheet metal on the first material, without a U-turn to complete the pre-bending and volume of the ends of the sheet made of shape, remaining straight edge, the aircraft. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, cement, boiler, shipbuilding, aviation, water conservancy, power transmission towers, and other machinery and equipment. 


Working principle


The working principle of the four roller bending machine is rotating bending deformation. The top roller is driven by a hydraulic motor. Through the friction between the metal plate and the top roller to drive the bottom roller and side rollers rotate and supply the torque for the bending plate. The bottom roller, side roller, and drop end are all driven by a hydraulic oil tank. The bottom roller moves up and down, the side roller moves along with an arc. The bottom roller rising to clamp the plate and the side roller title up to pre-bend the end of the plate.


working principle of 4 roll bending machine


1. Easy to operate, rich shape bending.

2. CNC control, digital readout for the position of each roller. High accuracy and precision circle.

3. Full hydraulic drive, high efficiency, and energy-saving, the drive power is equivalent to the traditional 60%.

4. Once forming, the productivity is higher by 50%-80% than the three rollers bending machine.

5. Aligning the material is convenient and accurate, avoid the wrong side phenomenon.

6. Cone bending device.

7. Permanent lubrication(bearing life without refueling).

8. The top and bottom roller clamp the plate during rolling without slipping.

9. The minimum bending diameter of the cylinder can get to 1.1times the diameter of the top roller, the surplus flat edge smaller than any type of other plate rolling machine.

10. CE certificate


Main parts

1. 42CrMo Heat Treated Steel

  • The upper roller likes to drum with the collaboration of carrier roller permits continual bending of any thickness of the plate.

  • The bottom roller and lateral roller are driven by a hydraulic oil tank.

 42CrMo Heat Treated Steel

2. Hydraulic system

  • Through exclusive technology, it can develop cones as easily as competitive machines can develop cylinders.

  • It eliminates scarring on the surface of the shell or roll and also eliminates, in most cases, the need for grinding the lamination(bull nosing) on the minor diameter edge.

  • Yuken valve made in Japan.


Hydraulic system

3. Release device

  • Hydraulic drop-end for easy removal finished ferrule.

  • Hydraulic oil pump control discharge.


Release device

4. Motor

  •  Main electronic: Siemens made in Germany



5. Rexroth Valve

  •  Siemens Motor

  • American Sunny Oil Pump


Rexroth Valve

6. Omron CNC PLC Control System

  • HMI(human-machine interface), intelligent operation. Self-compensating, single operate, high efficiency, safe and convenient.

  • Many models


Omron CNC PLC Control System

7. Cone device

Cone device

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