The use of knife for grooving machine
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The use of knife for grooving machine

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Grooving Machine Knife

Figure 1  Grooving Machine Knife

The kinds of CNC grooving machine knife are mainly divided into rhomboid apex angle groove knife, square groove knife, triangle groove knife, round groove knife and so on. The knives can be selected to groove materials of different shapes and angles.

The cutting knife angle should not be greater than the angle of the V groove when opening the ordinary V groove. For example, Choosing rhomboid angle 35° knife V-shaped grooves angle 45° ~ 60° material; Select regular triangle groove knife for 60° ~ 80° angle V-shaped , select rhomboid angle of 80° groove knife for 80° ~ 90° angle V-shaped grooving; The square groove knife is suitable for V-shaped grooves whose grooving angle is greater than 90°. A round grooving knife is used for round grooves.

When using the numerical control grooving machine for plate with long size during deep grooving,In order to avoid a single knife for continuous grooving path is long easy to cause knife overheating, The grooving effect becomes worse, burr is larger.So you need to set up a good amount of feed, sets the amount of knives to work, need to use 3 ~ 4 knives to work at the same time, the feed quantity of each knife is about 1 ~ 2 mm, To groove position one layer at a time, so as to improve the work efficiency and ensure the quality of the slot.

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