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How To Select Hydraulic Ironworker Machine

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During the processing of sheet metal or metal profiles, these materials are often sheared or punched. A metal ironworker is a combination of shearing, punching, and dies shearing, which can meet the various needs of profile processing. Ironworkers are divided into two types: hydraulic ironworker machine and mechanical ironworker.

The hydraulic ironworker machine uses the overlapping two-stage lever and slider to drive the sliding plate equipped with a cutting blade to move up and down, which can cut the profile. The punching and shearing machine has lightweight, low noise during work, easy operation, easy to use, and high efficiency.

hydraulic ironworker machine

A multifunctional metal ironworker is a sheet metal and profile processing equipment that integrates multiple functions into one. It is widely used in steel structure processing and production, high-voltage wire towers, telecommunications towers, street lamps, advertising, shelves, manufacturers of civil facilities such as elevators, and ventilation ducts. The hydraulic ironworker machine adopts mechanical transmission, which can cut, punch, die-cut the plate, square steel, round steel, angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, and cooperate with the shear block device. The specially designed material dial is easy to punch. There are several important factors in choosing ironwork that we need to consider carefully, including capacity, versatility, safety, and quality.


The ironworker machine is graded according to tonnage. The thickness of materials processed by different levels of combined punching and shearing machines is different, so when choosing ironwork, you first need to determine the material and thickness of the material. The hardness of different materials is different, corresponding to the processing are also differences in thickness. In this regard, we need to consider the maximum hole diameter of the punched hole, the maximum thickness of the punched material, the maximum thickness, the width of the channel to be cut or bent, the angle steel, and the rod.

Assess versatility

The hydraulic ironworker machines are equipped with flat shears. A fixed front angle cutter can keep the blade angle constant throughout the cutting process and can provide greater capacity without increasing the tonnage of the machine. but if the front angle cannot be changed, then the midpiece is cut. The deformation will remain unchanged. Some ironworkers use scissors-type scissors. The advantage of scissors-type scissors is that it can change the front angle of the blade. Cut thicker material near the pivot point and thinner material from the pivot point. At this time, the rake angle of the blade is flatter, which minimizes deformation. Scissor machines usually have long flat bar shears, some of which can be up to 24 inches long.

On some metal ironworkers, the front angle of the bar shear blade can be adjusted by inserting and removing the wedge gasket above the blade. This may require a lot of mechanical ability and a lot of time. In addition, the ironworker machine may be damaged if the gasket is not adjusted each time the material thickness is changed.

metal ironworker


Choosing a hydraulic ironworker machine, safety is an important consideration. For high efficiency and high safety, choose a machine with infinitely adjustable stroke control as much as possible, which can minimize machine movement, reduce the number of contraction points and increase the stroke per minute of production. This is especially important for bending applications and special tools. In addition to the downward stroke, the upward stroke must also be adjusted. It is necessary to pay attention to the correct alignment of the head and the mold. Since the punch is usually high in hardness, the punch will not bend when it collides with the die. If it is not aligned, it is likely to cause serious safety hazards.


The evaluation of the quality of hydraulic ironworker machine can be considered from four points:

1. The force of the punch impact is huge, and the force needs to be transmitted through the pivot point and the beam. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the size of the pivot point and the strength of the steel beam under pressure.

2. How much impact will the metal ironworker produce when punching. The continued impact can cause weld seams to break and other failures. A more rationally designed machine controls this by increasing the size of the side frames, beams, and pins. Therefore, hydraulic ironworker machine with side frames can be preferred.

3. The number of grease points.

4. Hydraulic system.

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