The Precaution and Maintenance of Ironworker Machine
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The Precaution and Maintenance of Ironworker Machine

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The Precaution and Maintenance of Ironworker Machine

The scale of preventive maintenance of machinery and equipment is mainly determined by the overall layout and scale of the equipment. In the process of maintenance of hydraulic ironworker machinery and equipment, it is not that the larger the maintenance scale of machinery and equipment, the better, but it should be used in daily use. Regularly and periodically carry out maintenance work on equipment is necessary.

Daily use conforming to the specifications is mainly divided into pre-preparation before starting up, standardized operation steps, abnormal and emergency handling. The periodic maintenance of ironworker equipment generally refers to the regular adjustment of mechanical part functions, an inspection of equipment parts, and equipment. The lubrication of key parts is different due to the difference in equipment model and purpose.

Standard operation of hydraulic ironworker machine

1. Prepare before booting

①The lubrication of each transmission part should be sufficient, and each lubrication point should be oiled 2-3 times per shift to ensure that each lubrication point has sufficient oil.

②Check that the cutting tool and punching die should be intact without cracks and fastened firmly.

③ Observe that the gap between the punch and the hole wall of the lower die should be uniform and meet the punching and shear requirements. The minimum configuration of the punch should slightly exceed the plane of the lower die hole.

④The electrical insulation and grounding of the equipment must be good.


2. Operation steps and specifications

①Operation steps

A. Check the power supply, the voltage is stable, there is no lack of phase, and the leakage protector and air switch are intact.

B. Wiring, open the ironwork wiring cabinet, connect the wires, and close the door.

C. Step on the footswitch after power-on, and the machine has no action, swap the power cords, and check whether the emergency stop switch is turned on.

D. At work, pay attention to turning off the power every time the mold is changed.

E. Turn off the switch after finishing the work, turn off the main power switch, unplug the power cord, and clean up debris.

②Safety operation specification

A. The punching and cutting shears of ordinary and E-type machines cannot work at the same time, and the L-type machine can work synchronously with the punching shears.

B. It is strictly forbidden to cut and process quenched steel and materials beyond the capacity of the equipment.

C. The cutting tool and cutting edge should be kept sharp, and the cutting edge should be blunt or cracked and should be replaced in time. The replacement must be done after power off.

D. When cutting steel plate, round steel, square steel, and section steel, it must be pressed tightly, and the surface of the sheet to be punched and cut must not have welding scars, gas cutting tumors, and prominent burrs.

ironworker equipment

E. When cutting or punching, it is strictly forbidden to touch the surface of the processed workpiece by hand, and it is strictly forbidden to clean the leftover material by hand when measuring the workpiece.

F. The operator must stop the hydraulic ironworker machine when leaving the machine tool, and check the original position of the handle of each part when it is turned on again.

G. It is not allowed to cut laminated sheets, and narrow sheets and short sheets that are not tightly pressed are not allowed to be cut;

H. When two or more people work together, there must be one person in command and the same actions.

I. Fingers must be 200mm away from the knife-edge when feeding, and special tools must be used for small pieces.

J. In use, pay more attention to observe whether the stop screw on the side of the punching cylinder is loose and whether the gap is too large. Pay attention to timely inspection and adjustment.

K. Use Zhongqin to check whether the friction block bolts and caps on the front and back sides of the fuselage are loose, and perform timely work prohibition to prevent tool damage.

M. Check the travel switch and stopper frequently during use, to prevent the positioning baffle of the travel switch from being loose or out of the range of the travel control range, resulting in a combination of cylinders and backup pressure, resulting in weak punching and shearing of the machine, high noise and damage to the oil pump, oil pipe, and cylinder.

③ Abnormal and emergency handling

It is strictly forbidden to operate this equipment by non-designated personnel. The user must be familiar with the operating instructions of the punching and shearing machine, and have certain operating techniques. Usually, the user must leave the machine and stop.

Downtime follow-up work

A. Turn off the power and clean up the worksite.

B. Check the ironworker equipment to ensure that it is in good condition, and carry out daily maintenance as required.


Periodic maintenance rules

The maintenance of the ironworker is divided into two levels of maintenance according to the length of use. When the hydraulic ironworker machine runs for 600 hours, the first level of maintenance is performed, with the operator as the main operator and the maintenance workers. When the metal ironworker machine runs for 5000 hours, the second level of maintenance is performed with the maintenance workers as the main, operators cooperate.

1. Primary maintenance

1) External maintenance

① Wipe the machine tool until there is no grease.

②Complete missing parts.

2) Transmission

①Check and adjust the tightness of the transmission belt.

②Check and adjust the brake.

③Check and adjust the pressing mechanism.

④Clean the gear.

3) Manipulate

Wipe and check the joystick, connecting rod, pin and spring.

4) Hydraulic lubrication

①Clean the oil filter, oil cup and oil hole, and add enough new grease.

②The system is complete and complete without leakage.

③Check the oil quality and quantity, and add new grease as appropriate.

5) Electrical appliances

① Wipe the motor and electrical box.

②Inspect and prohibit fixed zero devices.

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2. Secondary maintenance

1) Transmission

①Check the gear, mesh and wear, and adjust the gap.

②Repair or replace severely worn parts.

2) Manipulate

Repair or replace severely worn parts.

3) Tool lubrication

Clean and check knives, remove burrs, replace oil seals

4) Electrical appliances

①Clean the motor, check the slider and replace the grease.

②Repair or replace damaged components.

③Electrical appliances must meet the requirements of the equipment integrity standard.

5) Precision

Correct the hydraulic ironworker machine level, check, adjust and repair accuracy.


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