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The Best Ironworker Machine Brands

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Ironworker machine is undoubtedly the most versatile machine tool in today's manufacturing workshop. The Ironworker machine has all the functions of punching, shearing, forming and grooving, and can be equipped with other functions, such as pipe caps, slot grooving, gauge systems, etc. All these functions are packed in relatively small but affordable machine tools. Ironworker machines are the ideal machine of choice for every machine shop. So, when buying an ironworker machine, which brand should you choose? Here we recommend some trusted brands.


In this article, we will focus on 5 brands. Because most other brands imitate or modify the manufacturer's design. We will introduce to you the selling points of these brands. Like most manufacturers, these manufacturers offer different types of machines, including twin-cylinder/dual-operator styles, which both increase availability and cost. In this article, we will focus on the most popular entry-level machines in the range of under 100 tons (65 to 75 tons), which are the most popular in manufacturing workshops.



Edwards Ironworkers


The Edwards manufacturing plant began in 1875. Edwards is involved in a wide range of manufactured products. In the early 1900s, road graders were Edwards' focus. In 1928, Edwards had more than a dozen different models of road graders. However, in the 1930s, horse-riding graders fell out of favor, and Edwards focused on other products. From the 1930s to the 1980s, metal culverts became Edwards' main focus. Their other focus is manual shears. These products will eventually continue to be improved and develop into today's ironwork.

These are relatively low-cost systems, using a "sandwich panel" design, while the Edwards 75ton front steel's panels form the frame of the external structure, and the moving parts are encapsulated between these panels. These basic systems are equipped with punches, board shears, corner shears, and notches, and provide the least functions in the entry-level system without the need to add accessories and accessories, but the price is attractive. Due to the design of the machine, the workstations on Edwards are at different heights and it may be more difficult to use longer materials compared to other designs. Edwards Ironworker machines do provide a unique "PowerLink" system that allows external equipment to be connected to the machine's internal hydraulic system.



Geka ironworker


The Geka Group started in 1919. It has been manufacturing ironwork for angle iron, strip steel and profile, for iron art, metal workshops, metal structures, telecommunications and power towers, and everything related to civil and industrial buildings. From their first batch of iron workers, the situation has changed a lot. Market demand, new technologies and improvements in metal production have made GEKA Group’s machinery adapted to the new era. Like this, the first manually operated shearer started to operate mechanically and then became hydraulically operated. Now these have new versions in automatic production lines or CNC.


The design of Geka Ironworkers (only for S models) is similar to the above-mentioned Edwards ironworkers, but two additional shear-single-cylinder-Minicrop workstations are added for cutting stronger round and square steel. But the price of Geka machines is usually 20-25% higher than other entry-level ironworkers. Geka's ironworker has multiple working height options for each functional part, so the roller table, support frame, etc. also have more adjustments and settings than other types.



BLMA ironworker


Founded in 1987, BLMA is one of the largest hydraulic ironworker machine manufacturers in China. BLMA's hydraulic ironworker is well-engineered ironworkers built for high power, quality, and reliability. These hydraulic ironworkers have two control foot paddles, and separate operations can be safely performed simultaneously without interference. The low-pressure setting for tool change provides maximum operation safety. The long punching cylinder stroke and deep throat enable mounting a wide range of special equipment. The large punching base with the "T-slot" mounting provides a solid base for securing the punching tooling, as well as a wide range of optional and custom-designed tooling. Their ironworkers are well-engineered, efficient, and optimized for long life. The hydraulic ironworker screams out heavy-duty, with gigantic hydraulic rams, over-capacity work stations, and deep throats. They also have an industry-best super quick press brake attachment change out feature and stations that allow for operator ease of use and efficiency. 



Scotchman ironworker


Scotchman Industries was founded in the early 1960s. In the beginning they manufactured and sold farm-related products. In 1966, Scotchman Industries purchased the patent for hydraulic ironworker, which was the first such machine in the world, and began manufacturing ironworker. Generally, the cheapest of all Ironworker machines designed by Scotchman is a combination of sandwich frame and rocker design. Although these machines have many functions, they are generally more difficult to set up adjustment functions than similar systems from other manufacturers.



Piranha ironworker


Piranha was originally called Bertsch, a manufacturer of heavy metal rolling equipment, founded in 1897. Piranha was then established in 1974 to produce ironwork. The Piranha Ironworker machine is a cantilever design with an oversized frame that looks like a "sawtooth". This design allows very fast tool changes and has more standard features than other brands. Although not the cheapest Ironworker machine on the market, the versatility of Piranha keeps all workstations at the same level, which makes it easier to add roller workbenches, place workbenches, etc. The dovetail sliding punch can quickly change tools in a few seconds, while many other brands can perform other functions in just a few minutes, such as pipe caps, channel cutting and bending forming tools.


Choose the best ironworking machine for your manufacturing workshop

When you want to purchase a ironworker in the workshop, there are many brands available (including many other brands that we haven't mentioned, such as Sunrise, Cleveland, Baileigh, etc.). But it is important to note that most of these machines are very similar in design to one of the five major brands we mentioned. When buying ironwork machines, you need to consider not only the price, you can also check the our another article to learn more about ironworkers: How to select hydraulic ironworker machine


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