How to Choose Industrial Shredder Machine
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How to Choose Industrial Shredder Machine

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Shredder is a kind of mature industrial machinery, covering almost all products can be shredded by shredder machines, so how to choose suitable shredding equipment for our own use is a problem we need to consider. Before choosing a shredder machine, we need to clarify our needs. There are five key points to ensure that the shaft shredder selected meets your needs.


First of all, we need to consider the types of materials we want to shred. In the above, we have divided shredders into four categories according to the types of materials: industrial metal shredder, wood shredder machine, industrial plastic shredder, and rubber shredder. Of course, shredder machines on the market far exceed these four, but these four are the most widely used. We need to choose the type of shredding equipment according to shredding materials. Different materials, the power and gear materials of the shredder are very different. Generally speaking, the metal shredder machine is better than a plastic crusher machine. The motor power is greater, and the hardness of the gear is much greater. If the selection is wrong, it may cause the service life of the machine to be shortened, and it may be completely unusable.

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The size of the discharge fragments

Most of us have a clear requirement for the size of shredded shreds to meet our packaging and transportation requirements. Then when we choose an industrial waste shredder, we need to pay special attention to the size of the shredder gear. The gap of the shredder gear determines the size of the pieces after shredding. If the size of the fragments is required to be very small, then the technical requirements such as the precision of the machine will increase significantly, which will result in a decrease in cost performance. Personal advice is to choose shredding equipment with low accuracy and use it with a fine grinder, which will greatly reduce the cost. 


The production capacity of crushing equipment is closely related to the motor. We do not need to worry too much about the quality of the motor, because in China, as long as the motor meets the national standards, its quality is equivalent. Second, we must consider the capacity of shredder machines. The capacity may be limited by the size of the cutting cavity. Before purchasing the industrial shredding machine, please carefully check the rated capacity of the machine and consider some excess capacity. Using the shredder's maximum capacity too close to the required capacity will result in a shortened service life.

Feeding method

Our waste shredder has two feeding methods, manual and automatic. Manual application is suitable for shredding materials with low weight. It is necessary to manually transport materials and put them into hoppers for shredding operations, which has certain safety risks. The automatic shredder machine is equipped with a conveyor belt and can transport automobiles, metals, and other heavy materials. Self-feeding shredding equipment has more advantages and is safer.


The industry shredder machine is a kind of mechanical crushing equipment with increased load-bearing. After a long time of shredding, it is obvious that the cutter is a wearing part. When choosing a shredder machine, you should consider the material of the cutter. Whether it is wear-resistant, and whether the cost performance is higher. Moreover, whether the mechanical design facilitates the replacement of wearing parts also is a key point that we can easily overlook.

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Number of shafts

As mentioned above, shredders can also be classified according to the number of shafts. Then single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder are introduced to facilitate the correct selection of the shredders.

This article will not repeat too much about the common points of the single shaft shredder and the double shaft shredder, but only briefly introduce that both shredders can handle medium-hardness materials, and the production capacity and operation are quite simple and convenient. In the actual operation process, they all have granularity adjustability, and all have environmental protection advantages. No noise will be generated during work, and no harm will be caused to the environment.

The difference between the two shredders is output and capacity. In terms of discharge, the dual shaft shredder has a finer output than the single shaft shredder. In terms of production capacity, the dual shaft shredder has a higher capacity than the single shaft shredder. We can choose the number of shafts of the shredder according to our output particle size, production capacity requirements, and price comparison.

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