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How to Operate the Industrial Plastic Shredder
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How to Operate the Industrial Plastic Shredder

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1. General provisions

1.1 Operators of reprinters and industrial plastic shredders must be trained to achieve "three understandings" (understand the structure, performance, and principles), "four sessions" (will use, maintain, maintain, and handle faults), and pass the training exam. After obtaining the qualification certificate, the party shall be allowed to operate.

1.2 Closely cooperate with the driver of the working surface scraper conveyor and the driver of the conveyor belt conveyor and communicate with the signal to open and stop in order. 


2. Preparation

2.1 Tools: wrench, pliers, screwdriver, hammer, shovel, etc.

2.2 Necessary spare parts: various short-circuit chains, chain links, bolts, nuts, crusher safety pins, etc.

2.3 Lubricating oil, turbine oil.


3. Inspection and processing

3.1 The connecting parts of the motor, reducer, hydraulic coupling, head, tail, and other parts must be complete, intact, and tight. Reducer and hydraulic joints should be free of oil leakage and oil leakage, and the amount of oil should be appropriate.

3.2 The signal must be sensitive and reliable, and no signal is allowed to start. The spray sprinkler must be intact.

3.3 The power cables and operation wires must be neatly hung without being squeezed.

3.4 The lap of the conveyor's head and the tail of the transfer machine must be suitable for the working face scraping.

3.5 The scraper chain plate must be moderate, and the scraper and screws must be fully tightened.

3.6 The trolley of the transfer machine must be stable and reliable

3.7 When starting the bridge part of the transfer machine, the operation of each department should be free of abnormal sounds, and the scraper chain and connecting ring should be free of twisting, twisting, and bending deformation.

3.8 The plastic shredder for sale and the roadway support at the crusher must be intact and firm.

3.9 The safety protection net and protection device of the plastic waste recycling machine must ensure no deformation, no failure, safety, and reliability.

3.10 The roadway support at the transfer machine and pulverizer must be intact and firm.


4. Trial running

4.1 Close the magnetic starter handle to send electricity.

4.2 Press the button to open two or three times.

4.3  Starting and idling for 1-2 weeks.

4.4 Joint operation of the transfer machine and grinder.

4.5 Check that there is no abnormality and send a signal to start.

4.6 During operation, the machinery and motor must be free of vibration, sound and humidity should be normal. The temperature of each bearing should not exceed 75°C, and the temperature of the motor should not exceed the manufacturer's regulations.

4.7  The chain tension of the transfer machine must be consistent. Under full load, the chain tension should not exceed the length of the two chainrings, and there must be no jamming or chain skipping.

plastic shredder for sale

4.8 After the fusible plug or fry piece of the transfer joint of the transfer machine is damaged, it shall not be replaced with wood or other materials.

4.9 The safety device of the protection net of the industrial plastic shredder should be kept intact, and it should be checked frequently during the work process. If it is damaged, it should be stopped immediately.

4.10 The safety devices such as the tail protection of the transfer machine must be intact.

4.11  Transfer the carrier.

a. Clean the floating coal and gangue at the tail, both sides of the fuselage and under the bridge.

b. Protect cables, water pipes, oil pipes, and hang neatly.

c. Check the roadway support and move the transfer machine while ensuring safety.

d. The contact between the walking trolley and the tail conveyor of the belt conveyor should be good, without deviation, and the lap should be good after removal, to prevent large pieces of coal gangue from damaging the tape, and ensure smooth coal flow.

e. After transferring the carrier, the head and tail should be kept flat, straight and stable, and the jack rod should be retracted.


5. Finishing work

5.1 The coal shearer on the working face stops cutting coal, and after pushing the scraper conveyor on the working face, all the coal in the scraper conveyor, crusher, and transfer machine is pulled out.

5.2 Clean up the coal, gangue on both sides of the machine, the tail, and the fuselage.

5.3 Turn the magnetic starter switch handle to the power outage position and lock the locking screw.

5.4 Explain the problems in the work of the shift to the successor.



Precautions for the operation of industrial plastic shredder


1. The plastic crusher and power unit should be installed firmly. If the plastic crusher needs to be fixed for a long time, it should be fixed on the cement foundation. If the plastic recycling equipment needs to be moved, the unit should be installed on the base made of angle iron, and the power machine (diesel engine or motor) and plastic should be guaranteed The pulley groove of the industrial plastic shredder is in the same rotation plane.

2. After the installation of the plastic crusher, check the tightening of the fasteners at all parts, and tighten it if there is any looseness. At the same time, check whether the belt tightness is appropriate.

3. Before starting the plastic crusher, turn the rotor by hand to check whether the claws, hammers, and rotor are flexible and reliable, whether there is a collision in the crushing chamber, whether the rotation direction of the rotor is consistent with the direction of the machine arrow, the power machine and Whether the industrial plastic shredder is well lubricated.

4. Don't change the belt pulley casually, in case the rotation speed is too high to cause an explosion in the crushing chamber, or the rotation speed is too low to affect the working efficiency of the crusher.

5. After starting, the industrial plastic shredder should keep idling for 2~3min first, and then start feeding after there is no abnormal phenomenon.

6. Pay attention to the operation of the plastic crusher at any time during the work. First, the feeding should be uniform to prevent blocking the crushing chamber: secondly, do not work too much for a long time. If vibration, noise, excessive temperature of the bearing and the machine body, or outward spraying are found, the machine should be stopped immediately for an inspection and the work can be continued only after troubleshooting.

 industrial plastic shredder

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