7 Minutes to Understand Shredder Machines
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7 Minutes to Understand Shredder Machines

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Shredder machines are machines used for coarse shredding of materials. It is generally used to process unprocessed raw materials or scraps, making its size smaller. Shredder machines are widely used in domestic garbage shredding, vegetable market garbage shredding, medical garbage shredding, RDF fuel shredding, industrial garbage shredding, hazardous waste shredding, animal shredding, destruction shredding, organic garbage shredding, paper mill twisting rope shredding, etc. It is one of the indispensable equipment in the recycling process of waste materials.

Shredder machines

The working principle of shredder machines

The industrial waste shredder is composed of motor, reducer, rotating knife shaft, imported movable knife, fixed knife, frame, chamber, and other main structures. The working process of the shaft shredder is: the conveyor or loader transports the bulky garbage to the shredder, shred the bulky garbage into smaller sizes, the iron separator separates the metal such as wire and iron, and other materials pass through the belt conveyor and be transported to the pile or directly into the garbage collection truck. The entire production line is equipped with a professional dust reduction system, which realizes the rapid transfer of garbage, effective volume reduction, and reasonable classification.

The characteristics of shredder machines

The fixed knife is installed on the frame, and the movable knife is detachably embedded on the rotating shaft, and the movable knife is a four-sided knife that can be used. After the blunt, the angle is removed and replaced. The hardness can be up to HRC60°after heat treatment, so the service life is long, the cutting ability is strong, the productivity is high, the labor intensity is effectively reduced, and the working environment is improved.

Shredders are mainly divided into single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder, four-axis shredders. BLMA is top 10 metal shredder machine manufacturers in China, committing to research, production, and sales of double shaft shredder.

The double shaft shredder

The double shaft shredder originated in continental Europe in the 1980s and was originally designed to shred domestic and industrial waste. The double shaft shredder can shred materials into small-sized materials by shearing, squeezing, and tearing. The appearance of the double shaft shredder makes up for the limitation of hammer shredders, jaw shredders and other shredders that can only shred coal, salt, gypsum, bricks and tiles, limestone and other brittle and hard materials like wood, film, plastic barrels, electronic waste, medical waste and other soft and tough materials can be broken into small pieces for recycling. The double shaft shredder, also known as a shear-type shredder, has the main function of cutting large pieces of material and large-diameter drum metal materials that are inconvenient to shred through shearing, tearing and squeezing to reduce the material size. The double shaft shredder machine includes the motor, reducer, knife shaft, crushing knife, knife box, electronic control, and frame. According to different shredding materials, the shaft shredder can be equipped with pushers and fire extinguishing equipment.

The working principle of double shaft shredder

The blades in the double shaft shredder machine use super-strength refined alloy knives. This kind of blade is a meshing blade, which forms a pair of rollers. When the metal enters the interior of the biaxial shredder, the rollers move in opposite directions to shred the metal block. When shredding is not possible, the double shaft shredder machine will intelligently rotate to spit out the raw materials and bite from the beginning. Until it is shredded into small pieces, it can be discharged from the discharge port to stop, and the above-mentioned shredding operation is performed from the beginning for the materials that cannot meet the requirements. When the material enters the shredding bin, the double shaft shredder equipment will intelligently shred the thin position of the material, and so on, until the hard part of the material nozzle is completely shredded.

In fact, the core principle of the double shaft shredder machine is the basic principle of hitting with a cutter. Under the drive of a high-speed and high-torque motor, the hammerhead on the host rotor alternately hits the object to be crushed into the cavity, and the object to be crushed torn into pieces that meet specifications.

BLMA series double shaft shearing shredder machine uses the working principle of cutting, tearing, and squeezing each other between the blades, according to different material characteristics and production capacity requirements, configure the corresponding cutter, knife body arrangement. Effectively improve production efficiency. The equipment adopts a "double motor + double reducer" design, which has the characteristics of large shear force, good shredding effect, low noise, and good stability.

double shaft shredder

The advantage of BLMA shredder machine

1. Various configurations and various combinations. The solid waste shredder machine can be equipped with different types of coarse, medium, and fine shredding equipment according to the needs of users. At the same time, it is equipped with conveying and magnetic separation equipment. It can be operated independently or in conjunction with other equipment.

2. Precision processing technology, high-quality parts. The mechanical strength and processing accuracy of the core shredding equipment extend the service life of the equipment. The blade material is imported high alloy steel, which is processed by a special process to ensure the wear resistance and impact resistance of the blades. All components are internationally well-known brands, ensuring the overall quality of the equipment.

3. The bearings are sealed in four layers, effectively waterproof and dustproof. The bearing position has four seals, which can effectively block materials with high water content and dust. Avoid dust and liquid entering the bearing.

4. The blades are arranged in a spiral to achieve efficient cutting. According to different material requirements, different knife rollers can be selected, and the correct selection of knife rollers can greatly improve the design performance and production efficiency.

5. Imported alloy blades have strong impact resistance, and broken metal blades will not break. After the blades wear, the European advanced blade coating welding repair technology is used to achieve multiple reuses of the blades, greatly reducing the maintenance cost of the blades, effectively reducing the equipment failure rate maintenance time, reduce maintenance and operating costs, greatly improve the operating efficiency of the production line.

6. Both the inner hole of the blades and the surface of the main shaft adopt a hexagonal design to realize the uniformity of the force of the blades. The main shaft of the shredder machine adopts a hexagonal design. The blade shaft is overall tempered to have better wear resistance and torsion resistance. At the same time, the blade shaft is not easy to bend and deform, and it can be used for a long time.


BLMA is the top 10 metal shredder machine manufacturers in China, having professional shredder machines knowledge and providing high-quality industrial waste shredder, double shaft shredder and so on. If you have any question or needs, please contact us.

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