The Types of Industrial Shredder Machine
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The Types of Industrial Shredder Machine

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After several years of development, the shredder machines production technology in China is quite mature. This new type of crushing equipment needs more people to understand and promote it. The use range of shredder machines is very wide, and most of the solid waste materials can be produced and processed using the shredding equipment.

The types of industrial shredder machine

1. According to uses

Industrial waste shredders are divided into different categories according to their uses, and there are four main categories.

  • metal shredder machine

Color steel tile shredder, iron filing shredder, steel plate shredder, aluminum shredder, wire rope shredder, circuit board shredder, the roll can shredder, paint bucket shredder, scrap car shredder wait.

  • wood shredder machine

Wood shredder, branch shredder, wood trim shredder, etc.

  • plastic crusher machine

Woven bag shredder, plastic film shredder, ton bag shredder, head material shredder, braid material shredder, PVC pipe shredder, plastic bottle shredder.

Car&truck tire shredder, waste rubber shredder.

 Double shaft shredder

Among them, plastic shredders are the most widely used. The plastic crusher machines can be used to shred mineral water bottles, PET bottles, motor oil bottles, gasoline bottles, plastic barrels, plastic films, woven bags, ton bags, space bags, etc.

Based on the characteristics of plastics, the traditional crusher equipment rotates quickly when plastics are crushed, which generates a lot of heat. Plastics will melt, draw, deform when heated, and change the nature of materials, which is not conducive to the recycling of plastics. The speed of the industrial plastic shredder is slow, which belongs to the slow knife shredding. It will not heat during the shredding process, will not change the nature of the crushed material, and will not bond and melt the plastic material. The industrial plastic shredder can crush without degrading the originality of the material. It is a solid waste volume reduction machinery environmental protection shredder device, which is conducive to plastic recycling.

Advantages of industrial plastic shredder:

1. Low noise, low energy consumption, uniform shredding size.

2. The tool is very wear-resistant, easy to use, and long life.

3. Overload a reversal system to protect the equipment in all directions.

4. Low speed, slow knife shredding will not stick to molten plastic materials and can meet the requirements of finished materials.

2. According to structure

According to the industrial waste shredder machines structure, the industrial shredder can be divided into single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder, four shaft shredder, vertical shredder, horizontal shredder, etc.


Among them, the double shaft shredder machine is currently the most widely used shredder product. The characteristics of low noise, low energy consumption, and high output of the double shaft shredder fully reflect the advantages of the low speed and large torque shear design. The shaft shredder through cutting, tearing and squeezing to reduce the material size. The thickness of the cutter and the number of claws can be changed according to different materials. When crushing hollow materials, it can be equipped with a pressing device to increase output. The low-speed operation, noise, and dust can reach higher environmental standards.

Double shaft shredder structure

  • The main body of shredder

The equipment body is welded with high-quality steel to ensure the stability of the equipment under long-term heavy load.

  • Blade sets

The moving blade material is made of special alloy tool steel forging, precision machining, multiple heat treatment and low temperature freezing heat treatment technology. The overall toughness and hardness are consistent and can be repaired repeatedly to ensure cutting performance and service life. Optimize the tool replacement function to make tool maintenance and replacement more efficient.

  • Blade axis

Using high-strength heavy-duty special steel processing and refining, more reasonably matched with the tool to provide powerful power for cutting.

Shredder machine blades introduction

The blades of the shredder machines are the most important part of the whole equipment, and they are the core component. The quality of the cutter directly affects the use effect. The shredder blades for sale have three claws, six claws, eight claws, nine claws, twelve claws, and the number of claws is designed according to the size and shape of the customer's output. Commonly used materials are 55SiCr and H13. If crushing hard objects, such as metal, the H13 blade will be more suitable. We will recommend according to the materials that the customer wants to shred.

shredder machines blades

Notice while using the shredder machines

When using an industrial waste shredder, some tips should be used properly to increase the output of the shredder, reduce energy consumption, and reduce the failure of the shredder. The shredder machines should not be fed two minutes after starting up. Let the shredder equipment idle for two minutes before feeding. Before the shredding work can be carried out, the materials to be shredded can be planned and classified, and the materials of the same material and the same size can be divided. The input of the same kind can improve the working efficiency of the shredder, and the output will rise accordingly. In addition, after the shredder feeds, the shredding equipment should be shut down after all the materials are discharged to avoid the shredder from holding the machine and burning the motor after the next startup.

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