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7 Minutes to Understand Pipe and Tube Bending Machines
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7 Minutes to Understand Pipe and Tube Bending Machines

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The pipe and tube bending machines are mainly used for electric power construction, public railway construction, pipeline laying and repairing of boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration, etc. It has the advantages of multiple functions, reasonable structure, and simple operation. In addition to the pipe bending function, this machine can also use the oil cylinder as a hydraulic jack.


Classified by power type: hydraulic pipe bending machines, electric pipe and tube bender, pneumatic pipe bender, manual pipe bender.

Classified by control methods: CNC automatic pipe bending machine, NC semi-automatic pipe bending machine, manual pipe bender.

Classified by work type: single head pipe bender, double head pipe bender, multi-head pipe bender.

pipe and tube bending machines

Main Feature of Tube and Pipe Bender

1. The sheet metal bending machines adopt touch screen and numerical control module, dialogue operation, and the program setting is simple and easy.

2. The bed structure is stable and difficult to deform.

3. 16 bend angles can be set for each file, and 16 files can be stored in the memory.

4. Slow positioning function, stable bend angle, repeat accuracy up to ± 0.1 °.

5. The error message is displayed on the screen to help the operator eliminate it immediately.

6. Provide the coordinate conversion elbow processing value developed by ourselves. The software can be installed on a desktop computer to edit and calculate.

Craftsmanship of Pipe and Tube Bending Machines

The tube and pipe bender bend the tube as well as the sheet. In the case of pure bending, when a pipe with an outer diameter(D) and wall thickness (T) is bent by the external moment (M), the outer wall of the neutral layer is subjected to tensile stress σ1, and the wall becomes thin; the inner tube of the neutral layer The wall is thickened by the tensile stress σ1. Moreover, the shape of the cross-section changes from a circular shape to an approximately elliptical shape due to the combined forces F1 and F2. When the amount of deformation is too large, cracks will occur on the outer tube wall and wrinkles will appear on the inner tube wall.

The degree of deformation of the pipe depends on the value of the relative bending radius R / D and the relative thickness T / D. The smaller the R / D and T / D values, the greater the degree of deformation. In order to ensure the forming quality of the pipe fittings, the degree of deformation must be controlled within the allowable range. The bending forming limit of the pipe depends not only on the mechanical properties and bending method of the material but also on the use requirements of the pipe fittings. The forming limit of pipe fittings should include the following:

1) The maximum elongation deformation in the tensile deformation zone outside the neutral layer does not exceed the allowable value of the plasticity of the material and rupture occurs;

2) The part of the thin-walled structure subjected to tangential compressive stress in the compression deformation area on the inner side of the neutral layer will not wrinkle beyond instability;

3) If the pipe has ellipticity requirements, control its section to produce distortion;

4) If the pipe has strength requirements to withstand internal pressure, control the forming limit of its wall thickness reduction.

Mains Parts of Pipe Tube Bending Machine

When first approaching bending tooling, it is necessary to understand a bit about bending in general as well as the various components that are used in the task. Each component contributes to the success of the operation, but the basic components include the bend die, clamp die, pressure die, wiper die, and mandrel. 

Mains Parts of Pipe Tube Bending Machine

A. The Bend, Clamp, and Pressure Dies

The first component to consider is the bend die. A bend die is used to form the tube and determines the radius of the bend. There are a number of standard die configurations, as well as pedestal and flange mount bend dies. The application requirements will determine which style of bend die is appropriate, but pedestal and flange mount bend dies are used in situations where the height is larger than the width and for situations where there is not enough material left for a post through the hole.

The clamp die grips the tube against the bend die as the bend die rotates. While the pressure die applies, as its name implies, the pressure needed to bend the tube. The pressure die applies pressure by pressing the tube into the bend die.

B. The Wiper Die

The wiper die supports the tube on the inside of the bend to prevent wrinkles. Steel wiper dies are used for bending steel copper, aluminum, and bronze tubing. While aluminum/bronze wiper dies are used for stainless, titanium, and Inconel tubing.

C. Mandrels

The mandrel is the component that supports the inside of the tube, which prevents collapse and wrinkling during bending. Steel/chrome mandrels are used for bending steel, copper, aluminum, and bronze tubing. While Aluminum/bronze mandrels are used for bending stainless, titanium, and Inconel tubing. In addition to standard pitch mandrels, close pitch mandrels can be used for thin wall tubing and tight radius bends.


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