The Precautions and Maintenance of Plate Rolling Machine
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The Precautions and Maintenance of Plate Rolling Machine

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In the previous article, we introduced the working principle of the steel plate rolling machine, the types of the sheet metal rolling machine, and the advantages of the 4 roller plate rolling machine. In this article, we will mainly introduce the operation precautions and maintenance methods of the plate rolling machine.

The requirements of plate rolling machine operation person

1. Master various commonly used testing instruments, meters, and other tools of the sheet metal rolling machine.

2. Familiar with the structure of the plate rolling machine, with experimental skills, strong hands-on operation ability, high sense of responsibility, and good professional ethics.

3. Master the basic knowledge of computer technology, analog and digital circuit foundation, automatic control and motor drag, plate bending machine detection technology, and mechanical processing technology.

4. Master the working principles of numerical control, drive, and PLC, after good technical training, understand CNC programming and programming language.

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The operation precautions of plate rolling machine

1. According to the stipulations in the machine lubrication diagram, refuel the oil cup lubrication and manual lubrication points as required.

2. Roll the plate according to the specified parameters of the steel plate rolling machine. The thickness of the plate is 20mm and the maximum length is 2500mm. The yield limit of the plate material is less than 250Mpa.

3. After the hydraulic plate rolling machine is connected to the power supply, perform the positive and negative directions of the lower roller and the lifting movement of the upper roller to check whether each movement is abnormally stuck.

4. Strictly follow the processing procedures and operating methods of the plate rolling machine for sale. When the upper roller is raised to the limit position, pay attention to the safe operation of the equipment.

5. After the main chatter stops, the upper roller can be lifted, the tilting of the reversing bearing can be reset and the upper roller can be lifted.

6. During the operation process, if irregular noises, impacts, and other abnormal phenomena are found, they should be stopped immediately for an inspection.

7. In the operation, all personnel must coordinate with each other, follow the instructions of the person in charge of the plate rolling machine. Without a password, it is forbidden to start the machine.

8. When performing the operation of the plate rolling machine, pay attention to that the hand is pressed by the steel plate and rolled into the steel plate rolling machine together with the steel plate.

9. When lifting steel plates or reels with a truck, be careful not to collide with the machine.

10. After the plate rolling machine is finished, make sure the site is cleaned after finishing the work, and do the maintenance work of the equipment, and turn off the power in time.

The cleaning operation of the plate rolling machine

Before cleaning the steel plate rolling machine, it is necessary to install a filter device or a filter on the circuit for cleaning the fuel pipe. The automatic plate rolling machine and the cleaning material should be additionally heated. The temperature of the hydraulic oil is generally 50-80 ℃. When cleaning, you can knock the attachments in the oil pipeline with non-metallic materials. After cleaning, the cleaning oil should be cleaned. In addition, gear oil should be used, and other liquids such as fire oil and automobile oil should not be used to prevent the erosion of the hydraulic machine management system.

The maintenance of the plate rolling machine

Routine maintenance

1. Check whether the external structural parts of the sheet metal rolling machine are cracked, deformed, etc. and whether the forbidden firmware is loose.

2. Check whether the operation console and operation switches, limit positions, and indicator lights are normal.

3. Check the pipeline system for leaks.

4. Check the oil pump, solenoid valve, and oil cylinder for oil leakage.

5. Check whether there is any abnormality in the operation of the upper and lower rollers and the wear of the sliding bearings.

6. Check whether the pressure gauge is normal.

7. Check whether there is any abnormal noise when the motor is running.

8. Check and lubricate the lubricated parts:

① Reducer 

② Main drive open-gear 

③ Upper roller lifting guide 

④ Sliding bearings at both ends of the upper and lower rollers

9. Check the surface of the cleaning equipment for oil stains once a week.

10. The above maintenance items shall be borne by the operator.

First-level technical maintenance

According to the "daily maintenance" project, and add the following work.

1. Check whether the routes and accessories of the electrical system are intact.

2. Check whether the oil level in the hydraulic system oil tank is normal, and fill in the insufficient parts in time.

3. Check the operation of the hydraulic system, and check the performance status of the machine under the highest work.

4. Check the clearance of the lower bearing of the body of the plate rolling machine and the clearance of the sliding guide of the frame.

5. Check the open gear meshing.

Secondary technical maintenance - hydraulic system maintenance

1. Change the hydraulic oil every one to two years.

2. Empty the hydraulic oil in the crude oil tank when changing oil, check for magazines at the bottom of the oil tank, and clean the oil tank.

3. Each time the filter changes oil, the filter should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned.

4. The hydraulic control elements (valves) are cleaned as appropriate.

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Maintenance of components of plate rolling machine

1. External maintenance parts:

1) Clean the outer surface of the machine tool and keep it clean.

2) Check all prohibited firmware on the outside of the machine and match the missing parts.

2. Lubricated parts

Check the oil filling holes, clean, add lubricating oil as appropriate.

3. Electrical parts

1) Wipe the electrical box without dust or grease.

2) Check the circuit is complete, the hose protection connection is reliable, and the performance is good.

3) Check the safety shield and prohibit the solid zero-release device.

4) Clean the motor, check the bearings, and replace the grease.

5) Repair or replace carbon brushes and other components.

6) Electrical appliances meet the requirements of intact standards.

4. Roller parts

1) Check and adjust the accuracy of the roller to make it achieve smooth movement.

2) Repair or replace damaged parts.


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