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19mm Tube Bender, China Automatic Tube Bending Machine
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19mm Tube Bender, China Automatic Tube Bending Machine

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19mm tube bender, China automatic tube bending machine




China automatic tube bending machine includes a full set of tooling for bending, expanding, flaring, and swaging muffler pipes. It is great for lower production work and sometimes comes with an auto-stop feature, whereas our programmable tubing benders are typically electric gear-driven and can help you increase productivity with repeatability and speed. 


19mm tube bender is the backbone of our tube and profile bending machines. It is adapted for use in a wide range of pipe manufacturing sectors and industries.


19mm Tube Bender

The main feature of the 19mm tube bender


1. High-performance middle size pipe bending machine, CNC control, multi-groups program, and multi-angles setting, make your operation and setting convenient. 

2. The product is controlled by a microcomputer and driven hydraulically and it can bend various types of tube bender with different bending angles.

3. The China automatic tube bending machine is CNC control, and the hydraulic drive can have different bending degrees to prefabricate.

4. English display screen. Man-machine dialogue operation. Can choose manual, semi-automatic, portable pedal have started. Emergency stop function. 

5. Use high function imported Japan Yuken hydraulic components.

6. Have a big capacity cooling system and can control the working temperature.

7. The machine has easy convenience, stable function, high efficiency, high safety factor, is the ideal choice for pipe processing.

10. 19mm tube bender is widely used in mass production and standard products, such as blast pipe, seat, fender guard, and all the steel furniture.

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Main parts of China automatic tube bending machine

1. Bending servo motor - bending controlled by electricity. We can make a pipe bending machine that bending controlled by hydraulic or electric which based on your requirement.

2. Tooling set -the whole tooling set including bending die, clamp die, pressure dies, collet (CNC), mandrel(optional), wiper die(optional).

3. Safety board - If any people standard there that touch the bending arm, the pipe tube bending machine will automatically stop to guarantee the workers safety.

4. Touch screen: machine operation through the touch screen. You can input all the bending data into the touch screen, PLC received touch screen program. The 19mm tube bender will work accordingly based on each requirement.

5. Feeding servo motor - feeding the pipe forward or backward by electricity. Feeding pipe can only be controlled by a servomotor to guarantee the pipe feeding accuracy, finally, for guarantee the pipe bending accuracy.

6. Feeding dolly(collet): this feeding dolly with the function of feeding pipe forward and backward, turning pipe with different angles, and clamp tight the pipe. It is a very important device for a China automatic tube bending machine.

7. Cooling system - It is a fan cooling system. The water cooling system and fan cooling system both are available for you. Different cooling systems were chosen on your 19mm tube bending machine based on your own situation and condition.

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