Clamping feeding of pipe bender
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Clamping feeding of pipe bender

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Clamping feeding of pipe bender

In the use of pipe bender, many actions need to be coordinated by feeding car. The most common is feeding, and feeding methods are divided into resisting feeding and clamping feeding, today we are going to understand the clamping feeding of cnc pipe bender.

Clamp feeding, as the name suggests, is to clamp the pipe fitting forward feeding. This feeding method is often used when the pipe fittings are long. Due to the influence of the length of gi pipe bender, if the length of the pipes exceeds the movable distance of the feeding car without the use of mandrel, the clamping method is needed to complete the feeding. If the pushing distance of the pipes is 3 meters, but the movable distance of the feeding car of the machine is only 1.1 meters, the clamping method is needed. The feeding action is completed through the reciprocating motion of gripping, pushing, releasing, backing up, gripping and pushing of the car. The reciprocating feeding movement from the feeding car is called clipping, as shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 Pinch feed of the pipe bender

Figure 1 clamping feeding of the pipe bender

Of course, this feeding method can also be used for push bending. But when applied to push bending, due to the original requirements of a push to complete the workpiece through continuous clamping, which has great technical requirements for positioning Settings, on the one hand, it is not easy to operate, need to record multiple data and then through computational programming. Second, segmented push is equivalent to splitting a whole pipe into multi-terminal processing. If the distance control is not accurate, the shape of the final shaped pipe will be affected.

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