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25mm Tube Bender, Tube Bending Machines Companies
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25mm Tube Bender, Tube Bending Machines Companies

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25mm tube bender, tube bending machines companies



BLMA CNC hydraulic tube bender combines rugged durability with fast, repeatable bending. Our 25mm metal tube bending machine combines many processes into one machine by utilizing fiber laser technology. Conventional saw cutting, drilling, machining, punching, and engraving can all be achieved on our fiber tube lasers.


BLMA is China famous tube bending machines companies, and its pipe bending equipment will save you money by providing maximum flexibility while offering the latest features and advanced technology.  BLMA 25mm tube bender can be used as stand-alone machines or building blocks to create a fully automated fabrication cell.  All tube bending machines for sale can be coupled to autoloaders with weld-seam detectors and unloaders for lean operations.  


25mm tube bender


The main feature of the 25mm tube bender

Fully automatic and CNC pipe bending machine;

Equipped with servo motor programmable axis, 2 axis(standard) 3axis, 6axis is optional;

Feeding: servomotor drive; 

Rotation: servo motor drive;

Bending: hydraulic is standard, servo bending is optional;

Imported hydraulic system and PLC unit or IPC (optional)

Automatic lubrication system for moving areas;

The self-diagnostic system, detecting the error immediately;

Multiple groups pipe-bending information storage;

The electric cabinet cooling fan and the hydraulic cooling system ensure

the equipment long-time work stably under the high temperature;

Touch screen and human/machine interface control provide user-friendly operations.


The advantages of round pipe bending machine

● Consistent tube bends with no deformities

Pipes and tubes can be fabricated into a very small radius without producing crinkles or distortions using a specific technique. This technique using pipe bending equipment for sale can save time and money while reducing any possible defects.

● Maintaining tube bending sturdiness

A major advantage of CNC mandrel tube bender is their ability to maintain the overall sturdiness and solidity of tubes and pipes despite the bends. This is important because these pipes and tubes are used in a vast number of applications from playground equipment and exhaust machines to traffic signposts.

● A large number of pipe bending designs

Pipe bending can be designed for a variety of requirements based on what a client may need. Electric pipe bender for sale is capable of specialized metal bending that can cater to any requirements a client may have.

● Variety of applications

Specialized pipes are used in a vast number of applications that are required in industrial and domestic environments. A 25mm tube bender is extremely versatile and can be relied on for a wide range of usage.


Bending process explain

bending explain

Details of 25mm CNC mandrel tube bender



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Main electrics



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Control system

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