1KW Laser Cutter, China Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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1KW Laser Cutter, China Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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1KW laser cutter, China fiber laser cutting machine



This high technology machine is a combination of laser cutting and automatic CNC machines. The 1000w laser cutter is controlled by an advanced automatic numerical system. 


1kw laser cutter

Main features of 1000 watt laser cutter

  • Ultra-low-cost, lasers consume only 0.5-3 degrees per hour. Air can be used to cut various metal sheets.

  • lmported original laser generator, stable performance. The service life is up to more than 100 thousand hours.

  • High speed, high efficiency. The speed for a thin plate can up to tens of meters per minute.

  • Maintenance-free laser.

  • Cutting edge quality is good, deformation is small, appearance is smooth and beautiful.

  • Adopting imported guiding mechanism and servo motor, the cutting precision is high.

  • It can design various graphics or characters at any time, and it is easy to cut and operate.

Technical Parameter of 1000w laser cutting machine

Maximum operating speed


Maximum acceleration


X/Y positioning accuracy


X/Y repeat positioning accuracy


Operating voltage


Laser power


Machine power


Machine operating humidity


Machine operating temperature


Transfer method

Precision rack and pinion

Main parts of 1000W fiber laser cutting machine

1. Double exchange workbench

The main body of the laser machine tool is hammered by a conventional process and quenched. lt is welded with a thick steel plate, with a firm structure, strong resistance to deformation, stable and durability. Double exchange workbench design for higher efficiency.

  • Double electric drive

  • High precision rail surface machining

  • lmported fiber laser



2. Plate welding machine

High carbon content, compressive strength and hardness, high shock absorption and wear resistance, which can keep the machine tool stable for a long time and can also be used to reduce the machining error caused by machine vibration.


3. Cuttable plate, square tube, round tube

lt adopts gantry double drive and double motor drive. lt has the characteristics of stable operation, fast dynamic response, and high positioning speed. The bilateral synchronous drive function of the CNC system is stable and reliable.


4. Automatic zoom laser cutting head

The laser cutting head adopts a two-point centering adjustment. The focusing is driven by the imported servo motor. The efficiency in the perforation is significantly improved. The protective lens is installed in drawers and is easy to replace.

  • Avoid dust pollution

  • Suitable for materials

  • High-speed cutting


laser head

Application of 1KW laser cutter




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