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Difference of torsion bar press brake and synchronized cnc press brake
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Difference of torsion bar press brake and synchronized cnc press brake

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Customer always confused choosing NC Press Brake or CNC press brake,Here we list the three main differences for consumers' reference.

1.Machine structure:

  • The torsion bar bending machine realizes the synchronous movement of both ends through the torsion axis.

  • Synchronized cnc press brake has no torsion bar,but there are two high accuracy proportional valves on the two sides of the cylinders,the movement is controlled by the valves.

Machine structure

2.One way control and bidirectional control:

  • Torsion bar press brake,no matter equipping simple NC controller or smart NC controller,the control way is one way,that is to say,the controller gives signal to the encoder and make the top cylinder motor working to the setting value,but there is no feedback on the cylinder position to the control.

  • CNC Press brake not only has smart cnc controller,but also has proportional valves and grating ruler.Grating ruler is used for checking position and feed back to the cnc controller.So the cnc controller can recognized the real-time location of cylinder and give new signals all the time.

Synchronized cnc control working principle

Synchronized cnc control working principle

3.Function of press brake controller:

Although some smart NC controller is very advanced now,it has still not following function:

  • Can not calculate the required pressure although can input the thickness,material and moulds information,needs to adjust through valves manually;

  • Can not control the working speed,like fast down,return,pressing;

  • can not choose the return position,fast down position,can only adjust the limit switch manually.

Press brake controller

Press brake controller

PS: The difference between NC controller and CNC controller is not simply the controller itself,the whole structure is different.That is to say,we can not simply put CNC controller like DA53T,DA58T,DA66T,DA69T on the torsion bar press brake,it is futile.

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