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The Difference of Electric Press Brake and Hydraulic Press Brake Machine
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The Difference of Electric Press Brake and Hydraulic Press Brake Machine

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Electric press brake and hydraulic press brake machine are both useful and powerful press brake plate bending machine in their own right. There are some distinct differences and variations in uses for these two types of press brake machines. As the top 5 press brake manufacturers, BLMA company offer a variety of both electric and hydraulic press brake machines at reasonable and affordable prices. Our team of friendly experts can recommend the best suitable NC/CNC machines for your company.


Hydraulic press brake machine

Hydraulic press brake machines are mainly aimed at small metal processing companies; therefore, they are more affordable than electric alternatives. The operation of the machine is simple and easy to program, so there is no need to worry about complicated use. This setting is also convenient because it is easy to do and it automatically calculates the bending angle. Hydraulic press brakes are designed for simple bending elbows and cannot perform ultra-precise bending elbows. However, it does have a deeper throat depth and a higher stroke. They are dependable with lower running costs so an ideal option for smaller companies wanting an affordable machine that is great with more of the basics.


Here are the characteristics of a hydraulic press brake.


  Accurate enough for bending not too many elbows simple work-piece


  Capable of big production runs that demand speed


  Different materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum...


  Available among all models


  Simple system easy for workers to learn and operate

  Initial Cost

  Cost-effective, application to start-up company and workshop


  Regular maintenance, low maintenance costs

hydraulic press brake machine

Electric press brake

Electric press brake is a more modern alternative to hydraulic press brake machine. This is a slightly advanced machine with high accuracy. They tend to be 30%-35% faster than hydraulic alternatives. Electric brakes are very reliable and wear-resistant. Compared to the hydraulic press brake machine, the energy consumption of electric brakes is reduced by 45%-50% and is, therefore, more environmentally friendly. They run on electricity and do not require hydraulic oil to work, which cannot cause damage to the environment and also greatly reduces noise. Electric bending machine has high accuracy and high bending speed. The user interface is friendly and easy to use.  Electric press brakes are more expensive than hydraulic press brake machines, but maintenance costs tend to be lower.


Here are the characteristics of a electric press brake.


  Creating hyper-accurate bends in complex and delicate work-piece


  Capable of big production runs that demand speed


  Suited to expensive material, as precise bending rarely results in an error


  Available only in small and medium models, usually don’t exceed 300 tons


  Advanced CNC controls may initially be hard for some operators to learn

  Initial Cost

  Priced higher than hydraulic models of the same size


  Basically, no maintenance fees, especially if it’s used properly

electric press brake

The difference between electric press brake and hydraulic press brake machine


In terms of low price, hydraulic press brakes are superior to electric press brakes. Compared with electric versions, the hydraulic press brake machine is affordable for any metal forming shop. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can purchase a hydraulic model while devoting resources to other technology needs. A hydraulic press brake for sale continues to be the right option if your jobs involve simple bends on large work-pieces. If you need a press brake bigger than 300 tons to bend the materials you handle, hydraulic is your only option.


In terms of bending accuracy, electric press brakes are superior to hydraulic press brakes. This type of machine is ideal if you are making complex or multi-workpiece parts with almost no difference. If your store uses expensive materials, the electric press brake is a wise investment, because the reduction of waste will pay for the upfront costs of the machine faster. For workshops that need to extend production cycles, improve cornering accuracy, and save electricity costs, electric press brakes are optional.


Here are some tips for determining what type of press brake machine to purchase.

a) Check your work order. Does your current press brake keep up with your present production capacity?

b) Do you have employees excited and willing to learn new software?

c) Think about your future business goals. What are the types of contracts you want? Are these bending machines suitable for these goals?


Hydraulic press brake and electric press brake are both very suitable for industrial use and have their own advantages. How to choose the right type of this machine? Just Put your needs and goals together. If it is still difficult for you to make a decision about choosing hydraulic or electric brakes, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. BLMA is the top 10 professional hydraulic press brake manufacturers and electric press brake manufacturers, we can give you more information. Contact us now!

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