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Ultimate Guide: press brake machine part I
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Ultimate Guide: press brake machine part I

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Press brake machine is a kind of machine that can bend metal sheets. It is mainly Including bracket, worktable and clamping plate. The worktable is consisting of a base and a pressure plate. And the worktable is placed on the bracket. The base is connected with the clamping plate by the hinge. The base is composed of a housing, coil and cover plate. The coil is placed in the recess of the housing. There is a cover on the top of the recess.

When pressing, the coil is energized by the conductor, then the force of attraction will be generated to the pressing plate, so as to realize the clamping of the metal sheet between the pressing plate and the base. Due to using electromagnetic clamping, the pressure plate can achieve requirements for being made into a variety of workpieces. And the press brake machine can be used to process workpieces with sidewalls. And it is very easy to operate.

Press brake machine is mainly used in the metal sheet industry, such as bending and forming of automobiles, doors, windows, steel structures, etc., as well as the v-grooving of thin metal sheets. It is with an all-steel welded structure. The main features have vibration eliminates stress, high strength, and good rigidity. The hydraulic transmission makes the press brake machine stable and reliable. Mechanical stop and torsion axis synchronization can improve accuracy. The back-gauge distance and the upper slider stroke can be adjusted electrically or manually fine-tuned. And the CNC press brake machine uses a digital display.

Types of press brake machine

According to the different working characteristics and methods, the press brake machine can be divided into the following types.

1. Manual press brake machine

The structure of this kind of press brake machine is relatively simple. It is a labor-intensive machine because of the manual operation. It is suitable for small-scale processing.

2. NC press brake machine

There are different models of NC press brake machine, common types are G, F, WC67K, etc. NC press brake machine is developed based on the principle of plastic sheet heating, softening, melting and welding. It is suitable for bending all kinds of thermoplastic materials. The NC press brake machine has the following characteristics: direct bending, no splicing, no slotting, no welding rod required. It transforms manual welding into fully automatic machine operation, which improves the quality and labor efficiency. Moreover, it greatly reduces labor costs and production time. NC hydraulic press brake machine is a good choose.

3. CNC hydraulic press brake machine

According to different synchronization methods, CNC hydraulic press brake machine can be divided into torsion axis synchronization, machine-hydraulic synchronization, and synchronization hydraulic press brake machine. According to different movement methods, the hydraulic press brake machine can be divided into the upper-moving type and a lower-moving type hydraulic press brake machine. You can find good CNC press brake manufacturer in China.

Precautions for operation of hydraulic press brake machine

1. During operation of press brake machine, the pressed workpiece should be placed in the middle of the upper and lower molds and parallel to it, and the pad should be placed smoothly. The upper mold should approach the workpiece slowly to prevent the workpiece from being forced out. During the working of the hydralic press brake machine, it is forbidden to overhaul or adjust the mold.

2. When pressing long and large metal sheet, it has to be operated by at least two people in order to avoid them tipping due to the deformation of the workpiece when loosening the pressure. It is not allowed to hold the pressed workpieces by hand.

3. During working of the hydralic press brake machine, it needs to check usually whether the strokes of the two oil cylinders are consistent or not. If not, they should be adjusted and repaired in time. When the cylinder piston has a shake or the pump has noise, it must exhaust the air in the oil circuit.

4. When operating of the hydralic press brake machine, it should be paid attention to the fuel tank and observe whether the oil level is appropriate. If the oil level is too high, check the oil return pipeline and adjust the oil return valve. It is strictly prohibited the oil to overflow the oil tank. Keep working oil temperature ≤45℃

5. When the control valve and safety valve fails or the safety protection device is incomplete, it is forbidden to continue working of the press brake machine.

6. Regulators and pressure gauges are strictly forbidden to be adjusted by others. The operator must tighten them after adjustment.

7. When the working pressure is too high, the oil return valve must be checked and adjusted. And the press brake machine's work can only be performed after the fault is eliminated.

8. The hydraulic sheet press brake machine is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum stroke of the upper die.

9. It is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the middle of the upper and lower molds during the work of the press brake machine.

10. It needs to frequently check the stroke switch and safety protection device of the hydraulic press brake machine to ensure the reliable operation of the machine.

11. When adjusting the mold or repairing, the oil pump must be closed to ensure safety.

12. When using the crane to lift the workpiece, the safety technical operation rules for crane operation and ground (hook) operation should be strictly observed and implemented.

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