2021 Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Market
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2021 Fiber Laser Cutting Machines Market

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Fiber lasers are known as the "third-generation lasers" and have many advantages such as good output laser beam quality, high energy density, high electro-optical efficiency, convenient use, wide range of processable materials, and low overall operating costs. It is widely used in engraving, marking, cutting, drilling, cladding, welding, surface treatment, rapid prototyping and other material processing fields.


1. Global dynamics of fiber laser cutting machine market


According to data released by "International Industrial Laser Business Market", global fiber laser sales revenue in 2019 was US$2.74 billion. In 2019, despite the fact that the overall environment is not friendly, the growth rate of the fiber laser market still exceeds the growth rate of the global laser market.


Global fiber laser market sales

In the field of industrial applications, fiber lasers are gradually squeezing the market share of solid-state lasers and gas lasers. The market share of fiber lasers increased from 33.8% in 2013 to 53.3% in 2019, becoming the largest laser variety in the industrial laser market.



From the perspective of fiber laser market competition, in 2019, IPG accounted for nearly half of the global fiber laser market, accounting for 46.79%, making it the industry's leading company. Raycus laser ranks second with a market share of 10.26%.



2. Main location of market demand

The following pie chart shows the distribution of countries where global buyers (except China) purchased fiber laser cutting machines on Alibaba in February 2021. The reference data comes from Alibaba International Station.



3. Main application industries of fiber laser cutting machine

From the perspective of application structure, material processing and communications are the main application markets for lasers. In the global laser application field in 2019, material processing and lithography, communication and storage accounted for 44.3% and 26.8% respectively, and the combined proportion reached 70%. The remaining application areas such as scientific research and military, medical and beauty markets do not account for more than 10%.



4. Classification of fiber laser cutting machine

  • According to the type of cutting material, there are plate cutting fiber laser cutting machine, tube cutting fiber laser cutting machine and tube sheet integrated fiber cutting laser machine.

  • According to the machine structure, it can be divided into open fiber laser cutting machine and closed fiber laser cutting machine.

  • According to the table, it can be divided into single table fiber laser cutting machine and exchange table fiber laser cutting machine.


5. Forecast of the future trend 

According to data from Transparency Market Research, from 2017 to 2026, the global fiber laser market will maintain an annual growth rate of 4.6%. In contrast, one area that saw significant growth in 2018 is the fiber laser cutting market. Although fiber lasers are not as good at cutting thick materials as CO2 lasers, they have obvious advantages in certain applications. When cutting thin materials, they have lower maintenance costs, are more convenient to use, cut faster, and are more efficient.


In addition, the application of tube cutting is particularly prominent in the global fiber laser market, which is mainly based on the increasing proportion of products in the production of cardiovascular stents. Because this laser can provide a wide range of cutting configurations, reduce production costs and eliminate overlap tolerances. Other potential and popular applications include 3D cutting, flat cutting, and power train applications.


The market research analysis report released by Technavio shows that by 2021, the compound annual growth rate of the global 3D laser cutting machine market will exceed 5%. Among them, the increasing share of fiber lasers in thin plate and micro-cutting applications has become one of the main trends in the growth of this market. The excellent beam control ability of fiber lasers makes it more and more used in the field of three-dimensional cutting. The advantages it provides for plane cutting include tighter focus spot size, greater depth of focus, faster processing speed and greater working distance. These can reduce the tolerance of the workpiece.

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