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5 Working Stations for Hydraulic Ironworker
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5 Working Stations for Hydraulic Ironworker

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Ironworkers machine for sale is a machine with multiple functions. It widely used in shipyard, electric, bridge, automobile, hoisting & transportation, metal construction, and other machinery factories, etc. An ironworker is one of the fastest machine tools available! Ironwork is faster than band saws, drill presses, acetylene welding torches and any type of laser, plasma cutting machine, or milling machine. No matter what operation is performed on ironworker equipment, it only takes a few seconds! You just need to step on the pedal. There is no need to heat the material, there are no thermoformed edges on the part, just a clean-cut surface to start processing the next piece. In some parts requirements, the entire completed part can be completed by moving the part around the machine in a predetermined fixture to complete up to 5 operations to produce the completed part. All on the same machine!

ironworker machine for sale

5 working stations

Hydraulic ironworker machine has 5 working stations for punching, angle steel cutting, section steel cutting, flat bar cutting, and notching. 


Ironworking punching station

The design of the large punch area can provide a very wide range of punching applications. Different optional tools can be used to punch out holes of different sizes and shapes in round tubes, square tubes, and plates. Or in the overhanging position, remove the block to punch channel or angle steel. The other tools in this multifunctional workstation can provide lofting, corner notch tube notch, and regular mold fixing work. The punch and die are easy to replace.

 Ironworking punching station

Ironworking punching stationIronworking punching station

Angle steel cutting station

The hydraulic ironwork machine workstation can provide 90-degree large-angle cutting and 45 degrees light angle cutting. To cut the beveled part, press the material down into the cutting area, adjust the support screws to fit the material, but leave enough clearance so that the part can continue to be cut.


Bevel 45 degrees


Using higher support, position the other end into the blade and trim the end of the part while keeping it at 45 degrees from the vertical. Use the left support position to place the other end into the blade and trim the length of the part while maintaining a 45-degree angle with the machine position. 


Bevel 45 - 90 degrees

To obtain other cutting angles between 45 degrees and 90 degrees, first cut the angle part to a certain length, and then trim the flange to the desired angle in the cutting station.


The slot in the shearing and pressing device allows the corner of the left hand to be positioned during right-hand trimming, ensuring that the pressing device is set to the relevant thickness. Each cutting blade has four cutting edges and is fixed by simple fixing screws. Do not re-sharp the knife after four rotations, please replace it with a new blade.

 Angle steel cutting station

Angle steel cutting stationAngle steel cutting station

Section steel cutting station


The round and square parts of the aperture, unequal angles, channels, joists, etc. can be cut into various parts. The blades for round and square section crops are installed as standard equipment and have holes of different sizes. The smallest hole size should be selected, which will hold the material and thus ensure a complete and well-supported cut.


To replace the blade, the material support must be removed. Loosen the four screws fixing the table clamp, remove the blade clamp, and then pull out the blade. It will be noted that the arm blade is smaller than the body blade. This ensures correct assembly when using inserted carrier blades. In addition, please pay attention to the safety bolt, there is a safety slot on the arm blade to prevent wrong positioning.

 Section steel cutting station

Section steel cutting stationSection steel cutting station

Flat steel cutting station

The shearing device has a simple and strong pressing device, which can be adjusted to any thickness of material within the cutting capacity of the hydraulic ironwork machine. The shear feeding table with adjustable guards can feed accurately. The guide plate can be adjusted to allow bevel cutting of flat steel up to 45 degrees or to trim the flange of angle steel previously cut at the angle cutting station.


The standard shear blade allows the bottom blade to rotate four times to provide a new cutting edge, while the top blade must be ground to sharpen the cutting edge. These blades have minimal deformation from the maximum capacity to the minimum thickness of 2mm. The parallel top blade can cut the width of the narrow strip, or the flatness of the cut is not very important.


When the shear blade needs to be sharpened, it can only be polished on the largest cutting surface. 0.80mm, the saw blade after grinding must be adjusted to a gap of 0.10mm. Adjust the screw to reset the cutting blade, place the adjustment screw around the blade fixing screw, and use it after removing the cutting table. A uniform gap between the top and bottom blades is important over the entire blade length, and it should be ensured that the bottom blade lies in a vertical plane parallel to the top blade.

 Flat steel cutting station

Flat steel cutting stationFlat steel cutting station

Hydraulic ironwork machine notching station

The notching station of the hydraulic ironwork machine is equipped with a standard rectangular punch and a notching table with adjustable sides and stoppers for repeated placement of materials. A V-notch tool can be installed on this workstation, or the unit can be slotted in a narrow width of a rectangle or V-shape. The unit can also be used for rod end forming.

Hydraulic ironwork machine notching station

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