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6 Factors The Cost of Laser Cutting Machine
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6 Factors The Cost of Laser Cutting Machine

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What Is the Price of Fibre Laser Cutting Machine?
And How to Choose the Satisfied One? 

Materials such as metals can be cut seamlessly by laser cutting machines. The laser cutting machine is programmed for a wide range of operations such as custom cutting.

The core of laser cutting is the laser. The laser is widely used in communication engineering because of the advantages of a large amount of wavelength special interest, no electromagnetic interference, no signal leakage and other leaks, and in metal cutting, the laser has a large amount of information transmission, no electromagnetic interference, no signal leakage and other advantages.

The core of laser cutting is the laser

One of the biggest advantages of using laser cutting is that it can perform complex cutting processes, such as perforation of tubes of various shapes and sizes and cutting of various shapes, much faster than other machines. 

In addition, laser cutting provides excellent cutting cross-sections without the need for additional processing, such as subsequent welding, which is equally applicable to the cutting of thin and thick-walled tubes.

Laser cutting can be designed with computer-aided design software to maximize the speed of the project by importing the cutting machine's operating system for automated cutting. Typically, the operating system contains a database of key information including the material type, thickness and geometry of the pipe.

And before buying a laser cutting machine, one of the main concerns of many people is the price of laser cutting machines. If you do not know the price of laser cutting machine, you are likely to invest a lot of money but can not buy high quality laser cutting machine leads you to not use the more cost-effective equipment. 

In fact, the price of laser cutting machine is related to the following 6 factors. We can take these 6 factors into consideration and finally choose the most suitable laser cutting machine.

1. Configuration

Laser cutting machine mainly consists of 6 core parts:
laser cutting head, laser cutter, motor, machine tool, CNC system, laser lens, etc.
The configuration of these core parts determines the price of the laser cutting machine, especially the quality and performance of the laser cutter, to a large extent, determines the basic price of the laser cutting machine.

2. Software system

The software system is provided by the laser cutting machine manufacturer. A good laser cutting machine company will have a dedicated technical department to develop and update the relevant software system. A better software system also means a higher price, but the advantages speak for themselves, not only in terms of better compatibility and perfect matching with the hardware side, but also in terms of maximizing functionality.

3.  Accessories and Supplies

Optical isolators, xenon lamps, mechanical consoles, water-cooled equipment, optical equipment (semi-reflective mirrors, full-reflective mirrors, refractive mirrors, etc.) and other accessories are also one of the important factors affecting the overall price of laser cutting machines,  therefore, the choice of high-quality accessories often cost more, but can make the equipment run smoothly and work twice as hard.

fiber laser cutting machine Accessories and Supplies


Choose to buy laser cutting machine, different brands, the price will vary greatly. Choose a well-known brand, although you need to invest more money, but the quality of the product, after-sales service can usually be better guaranteed. Saving money is important, but also to avoid for a temporary cheap, buy unnecessary trouble.


Power is the most important factor in choosing fibre laser cutting machine. The higher the power, the higher the price and the greater the efficiency of the product. So buyers can choose a cost-effective laser cutting machine after assessing the output requirements according to their individual needs.


The cost of laser cutting machine is closely related to the type and material of the cut product. Before choosing a laser cutting machine, we give priority to the thickness and material of the product and the process that should be used.

In short, only from a variety of perspectives to fully examine, in order to truly choose the most appropriate price, the most cost-effective laser cutting machine, be sure to take this procurement guide, careful to do a good comparison.

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