Advantages Associated with China-made Laser Cutting Machines in the Global Market
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Advantages Associated with China-made Laser Cutting Machines in the Global Market

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Laser cutting equipment and other industrial fields are developing rapidly in China. Previously, customers usually purchase laser cutting machines from Europe and the United States. Nowadays, some customers are still worried about the quality of China-made laser cutting machines when choosing laser cutting machines. 

However, whether laser cutting machines made in Europe and the United States are better than those made in China? The answer was "yes" many years ago, but now the laser cutting machine made in China has also been improved in more aspects. The advantages of China laser cutting machines are as follows:

  1. The processing technology of laser cutting machines made in China is much maturer than before. 

  2. The laser cutting machine made in China has the advantages of low labor cost and low management cost. The industry in China has formed a one-stop supply chain model, which greatly reduces the production cost. 

  3. Chinese brands of laser cutting machines provide better services at affordable prices

  4. The lower cost and shorter delivery time will definitely become major competitive advantages of China-made core component generators.

There are various brands of laser cutting machines with good or poor quality. With the growing prosperity of international trade, China-made laser cutting machines have gradually been known to customers. Meawhile, however, the increasing choices make purchasing more difficult for customers.

How to select a laser cutting machine suitable for your company among numerous brands?   

Generally, there are two major kinds of laser cutting machines. 

One is the desktop laser processing machine led by European brands such as TRUMPF (Germany), BYSTRONIC (Switzerland). This kind of laser processing machine is developed on the basis of numerical control punching machines and shearing machines. The desktop laser cutting machine does better in cutting the steel plate thinner than 6mm, and its cutting speed and moving speed are fairly fast. However,  this machine has a small work table, hence, 6 meters or 9 meters long plate must be segmented when cutting.

The other is a gantry desktop laser cutting machine led by Japanese brands such as TANANA ( Tanaka ) and KOIKE ( Kochi ). This laser cutting machine is developed on the basis of gantry flame cutting machines and CNC plasma cutting machines. This laser cutting machine can be used to cut medium-thick steel plates and has a large work table. However,  the laser generator is quite heavy because it moves with the machine when operating.

In recent years, with the expansion of the application range of laser cutting machines, considerable progress has been made in the production and development technology of laser cutting machines made in China, subverting the concept that the core components of laser cutting machines made in China are inferior to those of foreign brands.

The trend of purchasing China-made laser cutting machines is gaining momentum. Laser, the core component of a laser cutting machine, takes up a large percent of the total cost of a laser cutting machine. In the past, China only assembled imported components of laser cutting machines but now China can genetate the machines. 

The high demand for core components, the expensive laser and the long delivery time result in the high price of a laser cutting machine. However, with the improving R&D strength of China's laser manufacturers, the trend that China-made laser cutting machines replaces the imported ones continues to become more pronounced.

Chinese manufacturers have weakened the pricing power advantage of some well-known brands, for example, IPG, by developing 1.5-6kw high-power fiber lasers, the price of high-power fiber lasers falls sharply. This will also accelerate the development of laser processing in China's industrial field. Besides, China's equipment manufacturers will seize the market of overseas equipment manufacturers in traditional heavy industry.

The sound after-sales services and lower prices are the biggest advantages of China-made equipment. For enterprises, purchasing China-made laser cutting machines helps reduce costs in transportation and tariffs. Moreover, Chinese brands provide timely and outstanding after-sales services such as remote training and video training through the Internet and various applications media.

With the development of laser manufacturing in China, the gap between China laser cutting machines and imported laser cutting machines is narrowing. The cost-benefit advantage of laser cutting machines made in China is increasingly prominent. Many brands of laser cutting machines have a high market share, such as HGTECH, CHUTIAN laser Group, Nanjing BLMA, Han's Laser, Jinan Jiemai, Suzhou WEIDA, Shanghai Prima  and so on.

Research data indicates that the overseas market for laser cutting equipment will reach $2.5 billion in the coming years. With the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the demand for high-power laser cutting machines in China's manufacturing is about 100,000 units. If the unit price is $25,000, the market space will reach $2.5 billion. With such a huge market, it is conceivable that global laser cutting machine manufacturers will be in fierce competition.

Choosing a piece of appropriate equipment can improve production efficiency and economic benefits for enterprises. Therefore, when choosing a laser cutting machine, China-made laser cutting machines are worthy of your consideration. 

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