How does the pipe bender front support (pipe clamp) work?
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How does the pipe bender front support (pipe clamp) work?

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The part of pipe fittings to be bent is conveyed by the feeding mechanism to the bending mold arranged at the front end of the bending machine for bending processing. Because the middle part of the pipe fittings is easy to bend downward due to the influence of the dead weight, so in the process of forward feeding, the pipe fittings are easy to drift and shake, and it is difficult to reach the bending mold accurately.

Figure 1 & Figure 2

Figure 1 & Figure 2

When the part in Figure 1 enters the state in Figure 2 after completing the front section of coiling, the center of gravity tilts forward. When the clamping die is released and the clamping clip is pulled back by gravity, the image falls off. At this time, the bending pipe will be clamped or not clamped properly. This can be avoided by adding a front carrier.

Two feeding mechanisms

Figure 3 Two feeding mechanisms

Figure 3 shows two commonly used supporting methods. Lifting supporting materials are mostly used for thick pipe fittings. The clamping supporting material is mainly used for clamping thin tubes to prevent deformation. Therefore, it is recommended to use the front supporting mechanism when the elbow is complex or too long. There will be interference between the front support and the clamping claw in the work of moving the end of the pipe fitting forward. If the front support is closed prematurely, the pipe fitting will collapse down. For this problem, different systems have different solutions. One is to set the opening position of the bracket: input the support of the relevant value tube to drop or open when the car moves to the specified position, so that the car can pass normally. The other is through the induction switch, when the car triggered the induction switch, the front supporting material will automatically recover.

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