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How to Find A Suitable Steel Plate Rolling Machine for Your Project?
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How to Find A Suitable Steel Plate Rolling Machine for Your Project?

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Rolling your projects, not only need a skilled operator, but also need to choose the most suitable machine to match.

rolling bending machine

Figure 1   BLMA rolling bending machine

How to determine the appropriate plate rolling machine that would meet your needs? In order to let you know which roller is the best for your project, please refer the following questions:

1. Types of material you will use

The first thing you need to do is to determine the type of material you will use in your project. You must consider factors such as thickness, width, diameter, strength, and yield. For instance, the rolling capability needed : stainless steel > mild carbon steel > aluminum. These elements determine the pressure force you need, and the maximum and minimum diameters and widths of the plate rollers you will use.

2. The minimum diameter

Take the thickest material you will process and roll the material to the minimum diameter. This would help determine the size of the plate roll. The plate roller generally adopts the rule of 1.3, that is, the diameter of rolling can not be less than 1.3 times the diameter of the upper roller.

3. The shape you will roll

Any plate rolling machine can produce the desired circular cylinder, but when a particular shape is required, a machine equipped with a CNC controller is required to control the position and the required speed of rotation of the roll. Whether you're rolling an oval (such as a tank truck trailer) or some non-circular shape of an oyster, CNC control will eliminate all guesswork about rolling speed and rolling position.

rolling shapes

Figure 2   Different rolling shapes

4. The diameter you will produce

The larger the rolling diameter, the more additional support is required around the plate roll. Most plate rolling machine manufacturers offer side bracing as an option to support plates that are fed into the rolling process. However, if a large radius is required and the rolled sheet is sent high into the air, customers’ application may also require overhead support. The combination of side bracing and overhead bracing helps support the sheet during the process, and avoids any back bending due to the unsupported weight of the material itself.

5.Quantity you will produce

In order to get the best steel plate rolling machine, the necessity of knowing your output quantity is important. Such step would help decide which type you need.

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