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How to Prepare an Illustrator File for Laser Cutting?
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How to Prepare an Illustrator File for Laser Cutting?

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There's a professional computer-aided numerical control (CNC) programming software for laser cutting, so parts processing programming is generally done on the computer.  The CNC programming software takes a long time to program for some simple processings directly in its editing interface but fails to program for the complex layout. Generally, CNC programming on the CNC system is not recommended as it will take up a lot of time and be less efficient.

At present, the laser cutting machine can read multiple formats, hence you can draw your design using vector software familiar to you such as CDR, AI and CAD.

Steps: Export your drawing to a DXF File and chose one cutting method from the two:

1) Import the DXF directly to the laser cutting machine, typeset the image and set the parameter, then start cutting

2) Typeset your design using special software on the computer, for example, using CypCut to typeset the design and set the parameters, then save as "lxd" format, which can be imported into the machine for direct cutting. the spacing between parts and parameters for cutting should be set according to the thickness and materials of the plate.

After the material has been placed on the machine table, it is important to ensure that the coordinate system of the machine tool is identical to the coordinate system set in the CNC programming.

1.Draw your design using CAD

After drawing with CAD, remember to save your design as "dxf" format: in the CAD file - Save As - file name - file type (must be suffixed with dxf style). CAD is usually used to export your drawing as a dxf file.



CorelDRAW can export DXF format too. Save your drawing as a DXF file and then import into the typesetting system.



Open AI - file - new file (ctrl +n)


4 .key considerations for your laser cutting design

  • The severely melted corners: the laser cutting head has to decelerate as it processes the corner which will extend the processing time and overburn the corner. 

  • Spacing between parts: When cutting thick plates and hot plates, the spacing between parts should be large because thick and hot plates are easy to concentrate heat so when cutting the corner or small plates, the edge will be overturned, which affects the cutting quality.

  • In the process of cutting thicker plates, a transition line is often introduced at the beginning and the end of the cutting, respectively called the lead and the tail.  At the same time, do not set the lead in a sharp corner or other parts difficult to extract heat

  • Duplicate lines: remove double and duplicate lines, or else the laser would cut these twice. Removing duplicate lines significantly shortens the cutting time and saves raw materials.

  • Collision: when cutting, collision with the tipping parts will cause great damage to the laser cutting head and interrupt the process, resulting in great losses. Thus, you need to know that: 1) design a suitable path for cutting to bypass the tipping parts, avoiding the collision. 2) choose the optimal cutting path to reduce the cutting time.

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