How to adjust the bending angle of the bending machine?
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How to adjust the bending angle of the bending machine?

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Adjust bending angles, means the various angles need to be adjusted. Including bending forces. Back-gauge distance, upper limit of slider. The speed of the slider. As well as the upper and lower mold clearance adjustment and other actual work requirements.

Parameter adjustment:

  1. bending machine Angle adjustment, mainly according to the calculation formula to calculate the KN value of the plate bending force, according to the table to calculate the indicating pressure P value. Then adjust the float valve handwheel to produce less force. Greater than the KN value of the folding plate.

  2. The adjustment of the back-gauge distance of the bending machine needs to be used to locate the length direction of the plate when bending. The button motor on the front button box controls the adjustment, and the adjustment value can be obtained from the rotation table on the button box. Reading, the conversion value of the rotary meter is 0 1mm/ revolution. And there is a handwheel for fine tuning

  3. The adjustment of the upper limit of the slider of the bending machine needs to be realized by adjusting the position of limit stopper, so that the rising slider stays at the required center position of TDC, and the travel distance can be shortened. Slider and reduce cycle time. Thus increasing productivity.

Adjust position of limit stopper

Figure 1   Adjust position of limit stopper

4. The speed adjustment of the slider can be set through the system. to make the slider move at a slow speed, and adjust the length of the slow travel time through an adjustable potentiometer.

change slider moving speed

Figure 2   change slider moving speed

5. the adjustment of mold clearance on the bending machine is completed by the button on the button box at the bottom right of the operating table, and the operation is carried out according to the direction indicated by the bending machine mark. The initial adjustment gap should be greater than the thickness of the sheet, depending on the size of the Angle of the workpiece to be folded to trim the gap.

6. Of course, the handwheel can also be used for fine tuning, the adjustment value shown by the calculator, for every increase or decrease of a digit of 0 1mm using a bending machine the most important thing is to know how to operate it correctly first.

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