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How to choose a laser cutting machine

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As the requirements for machining accuracy are getting higher and higher, improving the quality from the source has become the primary goal, and the first processing of the sheet is blanking. In the early days, plasma and flame cutting were used, and the errors were large, which made the subsequent processing more troublesome. Therefore, more manufacturers have begun to pay attention to high-precision laser cutting machines, so how to choose the right laser is the key.

Laser cutting machine has two key parameters: power, table size. and two form factors: single table and exchange table, open and with enclosure. 

First let's talk about the parameters:

  1. Power: It directly affects the final plate and cutting speed that the laser cutting machine can cut. The higher the power, the thicker the cut sheet and the faster the thin sheet, but the price is more expensive.

  2. Workbench size: It affects the size of the raw material you cut.

So if you want to buy a laser cutting machine that suits you, please provide the relevant data of the sheet you need with the manufacturer: length, width, thickness and material.

Then let's talk about the shape:

1. Single table and exchange table. Figure 1

Single table and exchange table

Figure 1 Single table and exchange table

In comparison, it is found that the same 3x1.5m workbench and single table are only about 4.5 meters in total length, and the exchange table has a second workbench, so the length is more than 3 meters longer than the single table, which also directly leads to a large area. However, the working efficiency of the exchange table is much higher than that of the single table: the cutting work cannot be performed before the single platform is loaded and the material is unloaded after the processing. For the exchange table, when the front end is processed, the rear table can be loaded and unloaded without interfering with the front. Table 1 Production Comparison.

Efficiency comparison

Table 1  Efficiency comparison

2. Open and enclosed

This is mainly for the exchange table. The single table enclosed type has a great impact on the loading and unloading, so the surrounding guard plate will not be installed. The main reason for installing the surrounding guard is to reduce pollution (package waste and cutting beam). The following two models are compared as shown in Figure 2

Open vs. Enclosed

Figure 2  Open vs. Enclosed

The enclosed type is to seal the front-end processing part, and the gas can be absorbed into the waste pipeline from the internal exhaust system for several treatments. At the same time, the surrounding plate blocks the light during cutting to prevent eye stabs.

The above are all the data descriptions for choosing a laser cutting machine. If the output is large and you want to increase the output, it is recommended to choose an exchange table, and if you have requirements for the pollution of your own factory area, it is recommended to choose a machine with an enclosed.

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