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How to improve the shearing effect of the shearing machine
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How to improve the shearing effect of the shearing machine

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The first method to improve the shearing effect is to adjust the shearing angle of the shearing machine. The specific data refers to the angle a between the upper and lower blades of the shearing machine. Generally speaking, it is controlled at 0.5 degrees to 2 degrees. within a range. His role is to make the shearing machine smoother. Moreover, not all shears can be adjusted, the gate shears can be adjusted, and the pendulum shears cannot be adjusted.

shear angle

shear angle

Shear Force and Shear Angle Diagram

Theoretically shearing force = tensile strength × material thickness × material thickness / 2 × tg (90 - the oblique angle of the upper blade), it can be seen that the plate sheared by the same machine, the smaller the shearing angle, the required shearing force. The larger the shear force, the poorer the shearing effect. If the shear force is large, although the shearing force is fast, the damage to the blade is also obvious. Therefore, the most suitable angle needs to be continuously debugged by professionals on site.

The second method is to adjust the gap between the knife edges to improve the cutting effect. When the shearing machine is designed, there are adjustment operating mechanisms for the cutting gap between the upper and lower knives on one side of the bed. There are various adjustment gap sizes on it, according to the thickness of the plate to be cut. Take the ratio gap of 0.1 or 0.12 of the thickness of the plate to adjust, but it is best to look at the burr of the cutting edge. If there is no burr at all, the knife edge will be injured. Too large burr does not meet the process requirements, so try to debug continuously. Depending on the material of the sheet to be cut, the shearing force will also be different, and there will be different clearance ratios. For example, stainless steel is almost twice as large as ordinary sheets! It can cut cold-rolled iron plates with a thickness of 6 mm, and can cut stainless steel with a thickness of 3 mm!

The relationship between knife edge clearance and plate thickness

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