How to maintain a laser cutting machine
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How to maintain a laser cutting machine

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In addition to the laser cutting machine said before the lens protection, in fact, there are a lot of maintenance, when the machine is not normal when the corresponding point of failure is not the same.

Above all, the water in the water tank should be replaced regularly and the water tank should be kept clean. The role of the water tank is to cool the laser tube. In the long time of use, oxides will be generated and some impurities will be generated, which will lead to the blockage of the laser tube. Therefore, we should regularly replace the cooling water to avoid the blockage of the laser tube, and then clean the fan regularly. If you find that the fan is very noisy or smoky when cutting, it is likely that your fan outlet or pipe is blocked, resulting in poor exhaust.

Next is whether there is abnormal sound. Generally working for a long time, some fastening screws of the machine are loose, and the joint is shaken to cause abnormal sound. At this time, it is necessary to reinforce the bolts and screws nearby according to the source of abnormal sound.

The last is to clean the guide rail and rack. Although now manufacturers will rack and guide rail dust cover (Figure 1) to reduce the impact of dust

Laser Dust Cover

Figure 1 Laser Dust Cover

However, because the gear needs lubrication, after the injection of oil lubrication, the iron filings generated by the meshing wear of the rack and gear will mix with the oil and become iron slag to stay on the rack or slide rail, and the machine tool movement will have obvious abnormal sound.

When similar problems were gradually exposed, manufacturers also noticed this problem, so the current laser cutting machine added automatic cleaning device at the track (Figure 2).

Rack cleaning device

Figure 2  Rack cleaning device.

In the picture, a pneumatic cotton head is installed next to the beam drive motor, which will follow the beam to move and remove the iron slag generated by running-in. And the slide track needs to be cleaned manually regularly to prevent dust from causing too much stuck.

Note the above points, and regular maintenance, the service life of the machine will also increase.

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