How to solve the problem of bending angle difference?
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How to solve the problem of bending angle difference?

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Bending angle difference

                                                                       Figure 1  Bending angle difference

First of all, users need to understand the cause of the inconsistent bending angle. The inconsistent bending angle is caused by different lowering depth of the molds on both sides. As shown in Figure 1 above (1.5mm steel plate sheet with different bending angles). If the difference between Ya and Yb is 0.5mm, the difference between the two sides of the bending angle is about 7 degrees. Please refer to Figure 2 and Figure 3 ,these two figures will help you understand the important bending factors.

Bending depth angle error chat

                                           Figure 2  Bending depth angle error chat

Bending depth

                                                         Figure 3 Bending depth

If Ya=100mm, Yb=100.5mm, then users need to lower the right side for about 0.5mm. If it is an electro-hydraulic cnc press brake, only need to set the Y1 reference value as 0.5mm, larger than the value of Y2  in the control system, which is very simple and convenient. If it is a conventional torsion shaft press brake, then users need to remove the cylinder synchronization rod (as shown in Figure 4), and reduce the stroke of the right cylinder for about 0.5mm, and then perform a bending test until the angles of the two ends are same. Therefore, to connect the rods back to cylinder in order to solve the problem of different bending angles.

Synchronized rods of press brake cylinders

                                     Figure 4 Synchronized rods of press brake cylinders

In addition, users need to focus on observing whether the mold aligns with bottom surface or not. If space exists between the bottom mold, it will also cause inconsistent angles. Please refer to Figure 4 (molds alignment) instruction below.

Moulds alignment

                                      Figure 5 Moulds alignment

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