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Laser cutting machine loading and unloading
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Laser cutting machine loading and unloading

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According to statistics, 100-200W people all over the world suffer casualties every year due to high work intensity and poor safety factor. The safety hazards in handling and loading and unloading of goods account for a large proportion of casualties. So how can these risks be reduced?

This is why more factories favor intelligent automated production. If these heavy and dangerous labor are handed over to the machine, the safety of the workers will also be guaranteed. During production, the loading and unloading of the laser cutting machine is mostly done manually, and some heavier materials are completed by traveling, and the speed of loading and unloading is all It's slow and unsafe. So this link can be replaced by a machine or a simple machine. figure 1:

Lazy arm device

Figure 1 Lazy arm device

The picture shows the exchange table Laser Cutting machine, adds a spreader in the waiting area. The structure is very simple. A small electric spreader is installed on a door beam. The lifting and lowering of the plate are completed by the electric spreader. The job of the personnel is to translate the plate to the Platform position. It can effectively reduce the risk of losing strength caused by excessive physical exertion of workers during handling. The left and right movement of the small crane can also be controlled by a motor. However, although the cost of loading and unloading in this way is lower, manual adjustment is required for the placement of the board.

If you want to achieve fully unmanned processing, you need to install a manipulator. For large panels, it is recommended to use a three-axis manipulator, which has a large load and high cost performance. figure 2:

3-axis robot arm

Figure 2  3-axis robot arm

Using the robotic arm throughout the production process, the material can be sent to the waiting area under the robotic arm, and the worker only needs to operate on the operating table to complete the production.

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