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Laser cutting speed setting

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Many users attach great importance to processing speed in order to pursue output, but fast speed and high efficiency are not the same. Laser cutting speed directly affects the incision width and incision surface roughness. Different material thickness, different cutting gas pressure, cutting speed has an optimal value, this optimal value is about 80% of the maximum cutting speed. Figure 1

Speed Settings

Figure 1  Speed Settings

The figure shows the parameter setting page in the cutting software, and the speed parameter in the red box needs to be adjusted according to the situation.

What are the consequences if the cutting speed is too fast:

  1. The cutting cannot penetrate causing sparks to fly.

  2. Cut half way through and don't cut through the other half.

  3. The cutting surface is rough and needs to be polished.

  4. The grain is not good-looking, and the slag on the lower surface is more.

So what's the effect of a slower cut? Too little speed also has an effect:

  1. The first is inefficiency.

  2. The cutting joint is cut for a long time, resulting in too large gap and sharp Angle melting of square material.

  3. Overmelting leads to hanging slag.

Figure 2 shows the comparison reference of cutting speed

Comparison of cutting speeds

Figure 2  Comparison of cutting speeds

Appropriate cutting speed, can be judged by observing the cutting spark laser cutting processing speed is too fast and too slow, spark diffusion or if tilted, it indicates that the cutting speed is too fast. The sparks appear to be diffused and few, clustered together, indicating that the speed is too slow. At the same time, the workpiece material has a certain impact on the laser cutting accuracy, the cutting accuracy of different materials is slightly different, even if the same material, if the composition of the material is different, the cutting accuracy will be different.

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