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Left and right error adjustment method of torsion shaft bending machine
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Left and right error adjustment method of torsion shaft bending machine

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Long-term use of the bending machine will cause mechanical errors due to wear and other conditions, resulting in different angles on both sides of the workpiece when bending the workpiece. Usually, it is the fastest and most convenient to adjust the inclined iron between the upper knife and the quick clamp. Below we introduce the other two methods that can be adjusted.

The first one is relatively simple, you need to adjust the inclined iron on the swing arm of the torsion axis to complete the step axis as follows.

  • If the position on the right is too high, first loosen the red bolt in Figure 1.

Adjust the loosening bolt

Figure 1: Remove the red bolt

  • Screw in the yellow bolts inward as shown in Figure 2.

Adjust the fastening bolt

Figure 2: Adjusting the yellow bolt

  • If the position is too low, adjust the yellow bolt directly outwards, and then tighten the red bolt after reaching the appropriate position.

This method can achieve the effect of adjusting the error at both ends of the bending by adjusting the height difference of the swing arm. Although it is also very convenient, the adjustable range is as small as the inclined iron, which is suitable for small-scale error adjustment.

The second is also a relatively complex one, but has a large adjustment range and high applicability. Need to adjust the cylinder.

The adjustment steps are as follows (Figure 3)

  • First remove the cylinder cover

Bending machine removal cover

Figure 3: Remove the cover

  • Step on the foot switch and slowly run the oil cylinder to the lowest position (be sure to slow down when descending to prevent the lower die from being crushed!).

  • As shown in Figure 4 and then use a ruler to measure the extension distance of the cylinders on both sides.

Bending cylinder extension distance

Figure 4: Measuring distance

If the left side is 102 and the right side is 101, the difference between the two sides is 1mm.

Remove the connecting rod at the top of the machine as shown in Figure 5.

Remove the connecting rod

Figure 5: Remove the connecting rod

At this time, there is no connecting rod, and the system can only control one side through the data feedback in the control panel. For example, when measuring the stroke of the cylinder, the right side is 1mm less than the left side, then you only need to set the value +1 (for example, Y: 101 is displayed, and Y: 102 can be adjusted). ), the cylinders on both sides are on the same line at this time, and the connecting rod and the shell can be installed.

Table 1 is the comparison of the adjustable range of various adjustment methods.

Adjustable range histogram

Table 1: Adjustable range

If the error is large, the machine is severely worn, and continued use may damage other parts.

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